Matt Taibbi

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Who\’da thunk that a lunatic prankster I knew in college would later become one of my journalistic heroes?

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    Your journalistic hero writes for rolling stone?


    HST wrote for Rolling Stone. What are you saying?

    Snarky Parker

    Putting it in lamens terms…the Rolling Stone’s journalism (as of lately) hasn’t necessarily been deserving of recognition.


    @Snarky: Many apologies, Oh Great One, but the phrase is “Layman’s terms”.


    : Tt was never my intention to lead anyone to believe their writing didn’t suck. For all those who misunderstood, my apologies.



    Snarky Parker


    So I fucked up some terminology: no need to get melodramatic over it, bub.


    @HoChunk: Aww you are so cute. I bet you think CNN is “Fair and balanced”. Is Farenheit 9/11 and Dude Where’s my Country next to your mug? I ask because i am part of the vast right wing conspiracy to steal your freedoms and make guys who i work for richer. Oh and to opress blacks and gays and kill middle eastern children with my puppy based bombs. And i don’t read In Touch. I read CPU, Popular Science, Maximum PC, Cannabis Culture, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, Combat Aircraft Magazine, Discover Magazine,Guitar World, Motor Trend, Car And Driver, and… Read more »


    @thelotuseater725: you suck because you have no “top gear” in your list of magazines you read.


    Good writers can work for shitty publications. We do it all the time… -_-


    allz i know is that Rolling stone sucks balls.

    EGM,Motor Trend, Spin, FHM, and other non shit magazines of that sort.
    you can tell your zine is pure shit when a reader of those 4 previously mentioned rags notices a huge pile of camel shit on paper. rolling stone is full of themselvs, self glorifying/rightous fucktards who is just as bad as MTV.


    im with you@thelotuseater725: that firsst comment made me lol.


    I actually pick up the RS just for Taibbi, myself.


    I’m just saying that as someone who writes for my college’s sad attempt at a school paper (riddled with spelling errors and TMZ-level gossip) I know that and entire publication doesn’t speak for all of its authors. I wrote a 1/2 page book review comparing Hilary and Obama’s self-promoting semi-autobiographical texts during the election season and what did my editor do? He went through and unitalicized every mention of the book titles, plopped a huge photo of Clinton and Obama with the caption describing how much their wardrobes cost and placed the review beneath an editorial saying how sick everyone… Read more »


    @CathyLong: I wouldn’t consider this guy a good writer. He is comically left wing. I mean the guy literally wrote an article called ” Mike Huckabee is not a sane man.” I mean come the fuck on. Ok i will give him credit in that huckabee is by no means a centrist libertarian, but good god come on. Here. i am going to write an article called “Barack Obama eats poop” and let’s see how seriously my political musings and rants will be taken When compared to more cognitive and analytical works. I can see it now, when people discuss… Read more »


    @CathyLong: Well you do make a point there. Editors and other idiots with an agenda can manipulate an authors article or texts to give credence to an agenda or belief. But given that almost every article’s title is an eloquent or direct statement of “REPUBLICANS ARE NEOCON FASCISTS! FUCK YEAH DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF AMERICA!” I can assume that this gentleman is perfectly OK with his published works.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @thelotuseater725: At one point Huckabee was asked why he was continuing his campaign when he could no longer mathematically win the nomination. Huckabee replied that “I didn’t major in math, I majored in miracles, and I still believe in those, too.”
    I don’t consider that sane.


    Reading some of his headlines, he sounds like a moonbat piece of crap. So I guess it follows suit that you’d like him.


    Taibbi was funny on Real Time with Bill Mahr


    @nyokki: Thanks, I was about to ask if this was that guy.


    Oh that guy! He’s great at making snarky comments. Great commentator on things on Bill Mahrs show.


    What a surprise. Left wing hack jumps on bandwagon and is praised by other left wing people seeking to confirm their own prejudices and agendas. Further surprise, the guy that used to hold his hair back, (when he still had it), while he puked in college is name dropping. Either way his articles are no different than a hundred other self satisfied know-it-all “journalists” of both sides. Watching him play Ed McMahon to Bill Mahr was comical and sad all at the same time.


    I’m glad we’re going with the idea that just because you don’t agree with what someone has to say, they’re a hack and completely worthless, and NEVER make ANY good points.


    Guys, there’s only one way to settle this.



    @HoChunk: I can find more if you want. I have a shitload of them next to my copies of NeoCon Warmonger Daily and the king james bible. Mmmk because you and some hacky far left writer thinks that 9/11 wasn’t a conspiracy i should take yours and his opinions as solid rational gold?



    Strawman? Says the guy who thinks war can be prevented by seeing dead children with the naked eye. It must be fun living in your little perfect world.


    Marijuana Milestone: No More Raids on Pot Dispensaries, Says Attorney General
    Phillip S. Smith.

    that seems to be the only article worth reading on Alternet.


    Just as i though Hochunk. Once again you are incapable of delivering a well thought out response beyond the trite tripe you are told to believe. Hmmm, i have a lovely book about using the word “fail” for you next to my bails of hay.


    @thelotuseater725: Is this lovely book of fail called the Bible? If not, your reading the wrong books and going to hell. Raptor Jesus says vote Republican.