When you’re retired, it’s always 4:20

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I saw this in the paper. After noticing the time I realized why they were so happy.

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    another Charlotte-r? I miss PC.


    Googly eyed walnuts FUCKING piss me off.


    I understood nothing of the above comments.


    My old roommate had a clock whose battery ran out the exact moment Jerry Garcia died which, according to my ex-roommate, was at 4:20pm on my birthday (August 9). True story. At least, I think.


    ‘The power went off again? Shiiit… let’s smoke a joint.’ And this, kids, is how it came to be.

    nyokki: Port Charlotte.. small town on the gulf coast of florida. Grew up there, and in my travels around the country, i keep running into people that have lived/visited there.


    me.yahoo.com/a/W955a4Rqx…: Weird how that happens. I always seem to find any New Yorkers that are in the area.

    Population of Port Charlotte: 46,451
    Population of NYC: 8,008,278

    so, PC is a little weirder 😉

    Weirdo story.. I moved from PC to Fairfax, VA between 8th and 9th grade. went back to visit a year later, and got stuck at a Greyhound station on the east coast of FL. Ended up talking to a girl in a similar situation. Thought she looked familier. As we chatted, i found out that she was going to Port Charlotte.. to visit a friend of mine from middle school. Not only that, but she was the sister of a friend of mine from Fairfax.


    me.yahoo.com/a/W955a4Rqx…: Lol, I realize NYC is much more populated than Port Charlotte, but I now live in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia (population < 600)and yet I run into New Yorkers on a regular basis. Of course, we always start gabbing about how different it is here when you’re used to city life.

    nyokki: right now, i’m stuck in Charles Town. Still go to school and work (if i could find a goddamn job) in NoVA.


    i have an old pocket watch that was my grandfathers- i hung it on the wall. the spring ran out at 4:20! so i left it that way.


    me.yahoo.com/a/W955a4Rqx…: Ha! I’m between Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs. Go figure. lol

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