Harddrive Ads

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    Damn, I paid $1895 For my 10 Mb external Storage unit ]=


    My father-in-law apparently never throws anything out. While this makes it a pain in the ass to help him pack to move, it does lead to some hilarity, like reading computer magazines from 1983. It’s awesome.

    Until my wife realizes I’m reading 26 year old magazines instead of packing.


    That’s when you tell her go make you a sandwich. No crusts.


    I would make my woman read the magazine out loud to me she mskes said sandwich…sans crust


    I make my sandwich read wav files out loud to me, while the magazine makes me a woman, non-crusty.


    outofocus: it seems insane now, doesn’t it? I had a reflective moment the other day when I bought a 4 gig micro card for my phone for $10. damn, 4 gig… in this little tiny thing. thank god for alien technology.


    Vent: dorix: You two would just make the magazines crusty.


    Dammit! *meant for Rhamnousia: &dorix: –sorry, Vent.


    damn. if only the auto industry could could advance like this. we would be paying 2 grand for a car that could get 200 miles to the gallon or 1000 miles per charge….but no the latest advance is cupholders…………


    I was at Circuit City yesterday and they had a 1TB external hard drive for $197.


    nyokki: Yeah, they’re getting dirt cheap now… I saw a 1Tb external USB drive online for $100…


    And they can’t even make one that will hold all the different drinks I want to put in them. Stupid fuckers.

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