Fuck it

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    i’d hit it.
    the foot, that is. . .

    Gary Generic

    She’s earned my “That’s Pretty Tough, Though” award.


    Yea that had to hurt real bad. I can’t let someone touch my feet without laughing – getting a tattoo there has to hurt. Oh and I would hit it.


    I would imagine that it’s pretty easy to focus past. My feet aren’t ticklish anyhow.

    I got tattoos in my ears (small) and that did hurt. I can’t imagine the bottom of the foot being worse than that.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I’d accept a footjob from it.


    For some reason, the bottom of her foot makes me think of old 50 year old whore like that one movie where the old whore wanted a sponge bath. Other then that, the rest of her body is perfect. BTW I love heels.


    haha i have this swim suit, but i think i fill it out a bit better

    Gary Generic

    Actually, all three visible tats are on very sensitive areas.



    Bottom of the foot is meant to be the most painful part of the body. Definite tough points for this.


    @Xp: Meant to be…? That suggests fate or some planned creation.

    I’ve done a lot of damage to the bottom of my feet and I can say that there are other areas that hurt more.


    No, I’d rather not. But thanks anyway.