Feed The Pig

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These commercials freak me the hell out

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    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    He’s got a big slot in his piggy-back where you can slide those oversized charity checks into.

    Gary Generic

    @Outofocus: You’re not alone. If I saw that nasty friggin thing on the street, I would attack it to protect the children.


    Yea they made this “pig guy” look to much like a fat bald guy in a mask. this shit is fucked up


    Oh gawd. His hands remind me of the Penguin’s hands, from that Batman movie. The Penguin was my #1 fear as a child. Creepy.


    What commercials? I’ve never seen this before. I don’t like the looks of him though. Definitely creepy.


    @nyokki: I’ve seen these commercials at hulu.com. I’m not sure if they are on tv also or not.

    I haven’t managed to figure out what exactly they are advertising yet, probably because I tend to tab over to MCS during the commercials.


    @Twee: I now what you mean. I have no patience for ads anymore. I Tivo everything and fast-forward through commercials. The “watch instantly” option on Netflix has no commercials.


    he is the devil for sure. this guy scares me


    It reminds me of the pigmen from “Daleks in Manhattan” and “Evolution of the Daleks”


    @dieAntagonista: oh god, you’re right…


    @killing_loneliness_58: Yeah, sorry about any unfortunate mental images I might have given you. DEATH TO THE PENGUIN.


    @MrPsychic: Ah yes, it does. That was a good episode.