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    Profanity: Winning over hearts and minds in the war against crime.


    Making me feel bad wont bring your laptops back casue I NEED my Oxy-contin sorry.


    vandal: Hey I’ll trade you some cool car stereos for a laptop man. I’ll even install em.


    SteamUserNotSet: Dude, I’ll trade you a pillow case for those stereos. I even have one with Elvis’s real hair !


    “Hmmm…this FUCK YOU tag is relevant to my interests!”


    I’m getting tired of these people leaving notes to burglars. The guy who left the ‘to the person who stole my tv, you left the remote’ yadda yadda yadda was alright


    The burglar should come back.

    Apparently his victims have a new computer and a printer.


    foxcek: people who get annoyed is the people who stole the shit.


    I’ve had a laptop stolen. Best part?

    It’s worthless without the password or power supply. So not only does the thief gain NOTHING, but he/she really dicks you over in a hardcore way.

    (Yes, people can get around that, but those same people probably don’t need to steal laptops).


    ims i had some retard thiefs. they broke into my house and i had a multitap for ps2, a ps2 controller, timesplitters 2 and a memory card inside the game case. they only stole the memory card and game controller. they left one of the best ps2 fps games and a multitap there.


    I’d want that fucking pillow case back. I hate having unmatched pillow cases.


    Everyone should put a BIOS password on their laptop. Windows passwords can easily be hacked or just destroyed with a format. BIOS passwords require taking apart practically the whole fucking laptop for pop out the little CMOS battery.

    Hey, I took this picture.

    Just wanted to give it a link. Thanks!


    Jared Klett says: A few years ago, a laptop was stolen from a friend of mine. About a week later, she received a package in the mail which contained 4 DVD-R’s which contained of all the files that were on the laptop – documents, her music library, etc. Crazy thieves! ———————————————— violet.blue says: a very famous friend of mine had his laptop stolen from a film production studio recently. he got a phone call from security a day later saying a woman was on the line telling them she’d give the laptop back for $600 because it was password encrypted… Read more »


    About 6 months ago, my gf and I were at costco at the outside food court, and she apparently sat down and her phone fell out of her pants. I text’d the phone saying “$100 reward if you return it”. Sure enough, they called back on the phone they had just taken, asking about the reward. They said they are on their way back, meaning the fuckers never intended to give it to lost and found in the first place. They called back on the phone and asked about the reward, and I mistakenly said that I only had $50… Read more »


    SteamUserNotSet: Great play, Shakespeare.


    Srsly. What a jerk.

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