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Amer. soldier holding tanned pieces of tattooed human skin taken fr. the bodies of prisoners chosen to be killed by the inspector wife of the Nazi camp director, because she liked their tattoos & wanted to use them to make purses & lampshades.

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    Only a woman could be so evil. I speak from experience, I am one.


    @dieAntagonista: That would explain the use of the feminine definite article “die.”


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: That is correct. If you read it in German anyway. Read it in English and the meaning changes.


    I like the ship…

    Jesus Christ

    Oh fuck I lol’d.


    Cue Magnus in 3 … 2 … 1 …




    I think, in the history of the world, this is one of the top 10 mindblowingly fucked up things.

    i was going to say top 100, but hoping to poke someayous into giving some examples of things more fucked up.


    pshh only women can construct such evil thinking. i blame all you women, even thou i still love you all.


    Ahem.. Bullshit…

    They may have keep tattooed human skin, but they did not use it as lampshades.


    @dieAntagonista: Eddy Gein would beg to differ.


    @Gouki4u: Look, Ed Gein did what he did because he was mental. His family was very poor, his father beat him, and then his mother, a religious fanatic and the only person he loved, died. Just about anyone could become a monster, with a past like that. Ilse Koch on the other hand, was a happy child. Yet she became a sadistic witch, who enjoyed torturing people just because. She didn’t keep people’s skin because she was traumatised from any particular event, no, she just thought it looked pretty. Besides, as a German comedian once said, “I don’t trust women.… Read more »


    Wow why am I saying all of these things. It could be that I take some illogical pride in being a woman. Oh snap.


    That joke is fucking annoying. It’s like “isn’t it weird that you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway”. Old, not funny.


    @Sanitized: …I’m sorry? I didn’t know it was an old joke. And German comedians rule, so it doesn’t matter.


    Yeah, you kind of do sound proud. How do feel about this? Does it make you think about your mother?


    @dieAntagonista: I’ve personally never found German comedians funny, but that’s me. Of course, it took me a while before I could actually be funny in German. Different cultures.

    That “bleeds for 5 days” joke is almost as old as I am, though. I think I’ve heard my grandfather tell it.



    Haha yea sorry. That wasn’t intended. Taking pride in your gender, nationality or race is idiotic. I guess I just find it funny to pretend like women are so mean.

    To be honest I don’t feel anything. I didn’t know my mother was Jewish until long after she died.



    Ahaha. Nah, I think it has to do with the fact that I grew up in Austria. Austrian TV has only two official channels. So compared to do that, German people and their comedy shows seem like the most divine comedy on earth. So you understand German well enough to watch comedians and whatnot? There are plenty though, maybe you’ve just seen the wrong ones.


    Also, how am I supposed to know that joke is so old. I’m only 19. And my grandfather never told any jokes. He only complained.


    I was trying at the “hi, I’m a fake psychiatrist” routine. DID NOT know about your mom. Very sorry, or should I be? Gah.


    Wow that’s incredible. I thought you did! Haha no don’t be sorry. If it wasn’t ok I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

    Usually I’m the one who is the fake psychiatrist. What a twist.

    sounds like a case of foot-in-mouth disease.

    Kinda like the time that my new boss kept asking me to fix her personal computer.. saying things like “My husband took care of all this” and “My husband has all the passwords”..

    me (eventually):”Why don’t you ask your husband for this stuff”

    boss: “My husband passed 2 months ago.”

    me: “…”

    coworkers: “…”

    me” “umm.. my bad.”

    Anyone able to explain this OpenID business to me? I can’t seem to make it display “Oh2OhZ” instead of the linkyness.


    Main page, on the left side it says ‘Your Profile’, that link takes you to a site where you can change your screen name to anything you want. Under ‘Nickname’.


    @dieAntagonista: You are a living duality.

    This image is so disturbing.


    @Puulaahi: I’ll take that as a compliment.

    There’s also a way to login to your existing MCS account and then click “associate” somewhere.



    I got only one account. That’s what I did from the start.


    @Brushaway: Vlad the Impaler. Het ate in a garden listening to people being impaled and turned back an army who met his borders with impaled skulls. but i hear he was a fan of jazz


    @warren: Where the fuck is Magnus?


    those tattoos suck ass! even i could do better!
    ok probably not, but who cares
    how have the skins survived for 60 years?


    urban legend


    This was debunked yeeeears ago as Zionist propaganda. Yes the Holocaust was horrible. Yes it was bad. But the Nazi’s weren’t psycopathic serial killers; they were just soldiers and elitists.


    it’s good i wasn’t in that nazi camp… that bitch would have taken my ass’s skin…


    @CathyLong: Wait what. You mean killing six million innocent people is what rational soldiers and elitists usually do? Damn, I don’t wanna know what you consider crazy then. And I don’t mean those people who were forced into doing those things, or those that had no idea what was really going on. I mean the rest. Every single one of them. And yea what’s your point then, they did kill people for their tattoos to keep their skin and skulls – to assume they used it for lampshades is so outrageous? So what if they didn’t use it for lampshades.… Read more »


    @dieAntagonista: While your point still stands, notice she did not use the word “rational,” only removed the idea that the were “psychopathic serial killers.” Thee were definitely psychopaths in places of power in the Nazi regime, and there were definitely some at these camps that might also be described this way. Still, it is surprising what a human will do when conditioned to believe it is right or acceptable. Most people would be disgusted at what takes place in a typical slaughterhouse or meat packing plant, but if you talk to those people, they just brush it off as being… Read more »


    WTF am I talking about. These guys cut peoples skin off. Psychopaths.


    @colonel-yum-yum: My guess is that he’s posted in this thread several times, but it went in to the abyssal plane where demons dwell. I expect to so a rant of cursing when he finally gets through.


    @traptin85: The skins have survived because they’ve been processed, like tanning.