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    Dali was a weird guy. But damn, his artwork is awesome.


    i used to have about 25 dali prints hanging in my house.

    This was my favorite one

    it looks like abe lincoln from a distance, but it’s a nekkid chick looking out the window up close


    hmm, thatone you linked is very different and actually pretty awesome 🙂


    a bit too awesome, it made me burn my sausages :[


    @natedog: Looks like one of his later works. And I don’t remember ever seeing that lower painting. Dali himself was quite a piece of work. He titled his autobiography “Diary of a Genius”! A lot of people find his work passé but I think that’s only because he was the most formal & recognizable of the Surrealists. Magritte may have him beat on accessiblity, but even Magritte couldn’t match Dali’s sheer rendering skill, and the deeper psychology of Dali makes Magritte’s work look like a collecton of Far Side cartoons. Personally, my favorite of the Dada/Surrealist bunch was Max Ernst.… Read more »


    Lol. Naked titties ftw.


    Nice big floppy clocks.


    : ooh, that’s nasty

    withered spyryt

    the bottom one is “Geo-politicus Child” …. Its one of my favorites

    Luke Magnifico

    I always liked “Metamorphosis of Narcissus” myself.

    If you get anywhere near Sarasota, FL you MUST hit the Dali museum, if for no other reason than to see the huge abe lincoln mural. Also, the Ringling Museum is a good place to pass some time.