So, I Bought Street Fighter 4

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what happens to you when you face C.Viper


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    Haven’t played it yet, but it’s in my gamefly queue. I hear that the bosses are a biatch, though. Good news is, I’ll be playing against humans.

    Anyway, all I know is that none of my xboxlive friends who have it will play Left4Dead with me anymore.



    AH, Ctrl+Alt+Del. The updates have become relatively scarce…


    not scarce just shit


    C. Viper? Pshaw. Seth is 1000% horseshit. He has half a dozen moves that are “I win” buttons.

    Stupid Human


    Pretty much, people still read this crap? Worse than PvP IMO.


    Both C. Viper and Seth have moves that are absolutely dodgeable. As soon as you start seeing him go black, try smashing some buttons or pull of a super or just about any special move. C. Vipers really only got one move that pisses me off, the ground tremor smash thing. You can see her moving down though, so dodge it.

    What your guys talking about? The only guy that’s really pissed me off on this game so far is Abel. That fucking tornado throw or whatever its called is a pain in the fucking ass.


    Pants: 3 or so times a week is “scarce”? That’s about how often PA updates. VGCats, now that’s scarce updates.

    I read all 3. And PvP (Though Scott’s an arrogant jackass. Success of the strip has completely gone to the bloated fucker’s head). And GUComics. And LICD+LFG. And Real Life. …I read too many web comics. :p


    Another note about PvP: Scott wants to charge people to post and view comments on the strips now? What. The. FUCK?!


    this strip makes me think of Japanese gamers, including the post-rage blackout waking up with a weapon and blood

    Stupid Human



    People will probably pay it. Dumb fuckers.

    Billy Manic



    That’s one hell of a joystick he’s got there.


    Fuck Seth, Rufus, C. Viper, and El Fuerte. Especially Rufus….but especially all of them.


    I’m at phase 3 right now. I’m looking for a dump truck as we speak.


    I’m sorry, are you having trouble beating Rufus or are you just against new charachters in a new game?


    Tyger42: We went almost 2 weeks without one about 2-3 weeks ago, and the sillies were all that got the 3 a week updates. For the last 3 weeks or so we’ve gotten 3 updates max, and I’m not gonna go count so that’s an estimate. If you want REAL scarce, try out lucid-tv haha but always worth the wait. My guess is with all the cons, Ctrl+Alt+Del isn’t in the game as much.

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