Dragon Car

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    wow…. this is retarded.


    what do you expect? people investing all their money in their car so they can show off with it are mostly retarded. but at least this is creative, somehow…


    Yeah it’s creative, but chances are it was expensive as shit. And that is not counting what has been done with the engine, suspension, body kits and all the other custom shit. The thing about ricers is that they are more or less the new generation of “hot rodders”. they buy a cheap car that is by no means made for racing and pour thousands of dollars into it. The amount of money he probably spent could have gotten him a brand new car with twice the performance and reliability. they way i see it is that you should save your money unless you absolutely need that car. You can then buy yourself a really good car; like a used dodge viper or a used corvette. It Costs less and you can save your money for mods to an already good car. Plus if it is already modified you start off with a better baseline for improvent. And you can still pour a shitload of money into it and have a superior vehicle Why? BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY BUILT TO BE FUCKING FAST!


    99% of the time you are correct lotuseater. However in this case that is actually a Toyota Supra. It is both quite fast and reliable to start out with.


    thelotuseater725: lol, i laugh at your viper or corvette


    FUCK. it’s about time to un-pimp ze auto already

    lose the faggy dragon, that smoke shit, and that spoiler, and i’d take it


    natedog: Man, I loved those commercials.


    thelotuseater725: im with you. dees guys dont know what tehyre talking about.


    So just to make it clear and also to be clear I am not defending the dragon thats just stupid. The reason for the smoke shot looking thing its that it is the nitrous system you are looking at. When you have a real nitrous system you also have a purge kit. The purge kit sprays the system out before it is used making these steam shots you see here. They owner of the car just moved them to look cool with the car but in most cases they are shot from someplace out front.


    my car actually snorts the white lines off the road while i’m driving….


    i have to admit- that’s a pretty original idea. silly, but original. once upon a time, i had a window washer spray nozzle mounted in my right front wheel well, so i could blast people while i was driving down the road… i should do that again.


    I like it. But I’m a girl, what do I know?


    I see Green-eyed Monsters and I’m not talking about the Dragon


    I like the paint job.

    withered spyryt



    nyokki: My girl wants a pink car and pink headlights… and then she’d expect me to ride in it with her. Which the mere act of being in an all pink car would probably make my nuts shrink.


    Well personally, I think if I were trying to build a fast car, I would start with one that was already fast, and make it faster. However I can think of several reasons why it might not be possible to go that route. For instance most folks would have to save for a *long* time before they could afford a Viper, or a ZR1.

    Honda civics, on the other hand, you can get dirt cheap. And you can slowly build it into exactly what you want over time for *much* less than a ZR1. I know some folks could probably afford to start with a faster car and decide not to, but I can’t really hold it against them, Sometimes the art is more important than the practicality of it.

    I’ve always found this kind of thing interesting. Not that I think taking a cheap car and dropping several cars worth of cash into it to make it fast is the best use of cash, but I think sometimes it is more about the art than the functionality. There are some very creative types who use cars as their canvas. If you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem so far out of left field…


    hvymetal86: I would NEVER ask hubby to ride in a pink car. I would NEVER do anything to a car that used pink in any way. I really hate pink.


    Guys, have you ever taken a door panel off? It’s not that hard to run 2 small rubber lines to the side of the door and drill 2 holes and mount them.
    Rubber hose probably costs about $3 for 5 feet. But this is most likely nitrous purge like Sub stated, unless they tried to fake it, which is unlikely.

    Check out this mustang with the purge where the wiper fluid goes. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJHSgdkzK0A


    i hate everything now.


    nyokki: Lol… sounds like you’re trying to present yourself as a better option than my g/f.


    hvymetal86: Perhaps…but prolly not. I just really really hate pink.


    hvymetal86: You would do anything for love, but you won’t do that?


    Although I don’t agree with the aesthetic of this car, I will defend it’s expense.

    That car is a Supra, I’m sure many figured that out already. In the late 90’s the japanese car companies agreed to limit output to about 280hp. However, there is always the urge to make a faster car, so they made more and more powerful engines, and simply detuned them electronically. Thus, with the proper engine software, a Supra can easily reach 400hp.

    The other point of modification is the technical aspect. Sure, you could buy a used corvette that’s just as fast, but it would be the same as everyone else’s used corvette, and in many cases aftermarket modifications can garner better performance than stock performance cars, simply because most “ricers” are willing to take a much less civilized car than the mass market.

    Do I think that modded cars are the king of performance? no. Do I laugh when kids in suped up civics try to race me in my Gallardo? yes.

    Speaking of the gallardo, consider this. By Twin turbocharging the stock engine, along with the paraphenalia to make that work, a Gallardo can be brought up to about 1000hp. Now, stock Gallardo ~220,000. The kit, I haven’t priced, but I DOUBT it exceeds 100,000. Go find me a car with 1000 hp stock for 320,000.


    the alignment is fail..

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