Abandoned Steel Mill

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S7304177.JPG (280 KB)

S7304187.JPG (276 KB)

S7304197.JPG (279 KB)

S7304217.JPG (277 KB)

Went out with the girlfriend to an abandoned steel mill.
it felt like stepping right into half-life 2.
This is what i do during the day.


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    Is this where the dad from that 70’s show shoots and kills Alex J. Murphy causing him to become RoboCop?


    Man, I want your job.


    Cool post. I love a bit of Urban Exploration.

    I’ve met some pretty weird people while doing it though….


    I see this as our next theme day. Abandoned building pictures taken by MCSers!


    Find anything of interest in those filing cabinets?


    IS this your “job” ? As in you get paid to do this?
    CathyLong: Do you live in St. Louis?


    mintymadness: No, NYC. I was just curious because had I seen a stack of papers, I’d end up reading them. :3



    I was going to ask the same. Any super secret spy-like information? Maybe some old pornography?


    you all are disgraceful. since you haven’t even notice/mention the warning sign.


    Fallout 3 taught me that I can find currency and ammunition for various weapons in filing cabinets.


    wartoaster, i dont believe you have a girlfriend. Enjoy your secret rape factory


    FYI: Wartoaster is the blonde. Her girlfriend was too hot for camera.


    wut blonde?



    Here’s one site about stuff like this. There’s videos on youtube of different places too.


    Whoa whoa whoa. I wanna nom her, and I wanna go through all those extremely interesting looking papers in the second picture. Preferably in this order.

    Falco, did you check those papers out? Oh god this is one of my deepest wishes (a wish can be deep right?), going through old papers, scribbled full with probably just banal information. Argh.

    So like, when can I come over.


    Wow she is so hot. Wish she were mine. lol


    Thats dope! this is in NYC????


    wartoaster: Let me know when you want to do this. I’ll help…



    As I told you before, this shit is awesome and your girlfriend is in the general area of my taste.


    OHMYGOD What happened to canister # 3???


    Roll ovah, Cassanova.


    where in nyC?


    Cool. There used to an abandoned casket factory in my hometown, but I never took pictures on the many occasions I went exploring. Then some asshole burned it down.

    Special Kail

    I believe they abandoned the steel mill when they saw your girlfriend coming in order to man the harpoons.

    Special Kail

    i’m saying she’s fat.


    she always looks like that… its so her


    I will always cherish the memory of Tank 3.


    I like the idea of doing an Urban Exploration theme day. I have a bunch of great pictures from abandoned places I’ve found.


    I’d have some fun w/ that, but hope it’s not only ‘urban’. I’d have to travel kinda far to get anywhere near urban. I do have lots of abandoned houses and barns.


    wartoaster: Hey wartoaster, When you say “This is what I do during the day” what, exactly, do you mean, if you don’t mind my asking?


    So now the question is which one of these photographs include an area that you had sex in? Pics will be required as proof.


    I absolutely love finding abandoned places. I’ve only found one that I wasn’t too scared to venture into. There’s an abandoned (and supposedly haunted) nursing home a couple of miles away but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


    id sink the blonde


    nothing jesus cannot*


    Still haven’t heard about the sex issue. Please respond.


    wartoaster: LOL I see… I think it would have made more sense if you said “This is what I do in my spare time…” But I’m just nitpicking now… 😀


    I never did get an answer. And I never will.


    nyokki: Indeed… My dream is to one day find a place like that and move in…


    nyokki: talk about hibernation.


    nyokki: Yes, yes, I read about that, that is cool… I’m still trying to decide whether I want to remain in the subterranean realm or migrate to an above ground domicile… 🙂

    ColombianMonkey: LOL thats the best part… It’s an excellent excuse to eat like a pig and generally just let yourself go… 😀


    Way to post terrible pictures of me on the internet, dear.


    Special Kail:I had tons of stuff in my pocket because we were adventuring. I’m not fat. You’re just a jerk. -_-

    Special Kail

    hahhahaha, clearly i know that now


    We’ll be able to make a much more informed assesment when RSIxidor gets his pics.


    looks like Watervliet, NY. Al Tech Steel. Be careful, this site is extremely toxic and loaded with arsneic, chromium, acids all throughout the soils, and open pits of tar/petroleum. I drive by it everyday. cops are not allowed to enter, but will catch you outside. i did enter once and heard weird sounds while there. I may do an oil painting of these structures. Built in 1907 and helped with WW1 & II.

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