Windows Vista

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    Troll picture is too generic. Specific aspects of Vista are much funnier to troll than the general Vista trolling. Both of which leave me angry, frustrated, uninspired, and wanting to fire up a linux distro


    Why attack one specific aspect of vista when you can point out the failing of the whole operating system in one swoop?


    If you want to go across the board slam all of Microsoft. Its easy enough to, the last product they had great from the launch was DOS 5.0


    Not every component of Vista was a failure, but when you put them all together, and make sure half the hardware and software the last version supported won’t work, then yeah, failure.


    I personally have never had a single hardware/software problem with Vista. Not one.

    Moreover, I prefer it to any of the past OS’s.


    Funny, I have less crashes and faster performance with Vista than I ever had with XP. True, it’s still got its problems, but, seriously, it’s nowhere even remotely as horrible as people make out.


    I have Vista Ultimate, and have not had any issues. My mom’s laptop has Vista Home Premium (I think its P) and she has had issues connecting to our printer constantly. Pain in the ass. Also bluetooth can be a bitch. All the other issues I’ve heard of are people I don’t know, and my buddy Chris who can’t get DOS based games to work. Idiot.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’ve never had a single issue with Vista ever.

    XP I did.

    Macs are for self righteous homos and mentally stunted aging baby boomers.


    I am also gonna defend vista, I have never had a problem, of course my computer is pretty good and most problems I have heard are from people who have lower end computers.


    Yeah i’ve only ever had 1 issue with vista and i fixed it in like an hour. It’s pretty decent. 🙂


    The first couple years that Vista was out, I was doing tech support for a couple different hardware/accessory companies. There was a whole mess of issues of Vista. SP1 fixed a lot of that, but Windows 7 looks to be quite nice from what ive seen.


    what magnus speak is true. in vista the whole printer setup is soooooooo much easier and faster. maybe you just had a fail printer? vista beat xp on compatability and variety.


    I just built a new gaming rig, and I’m running Vista 64-bit on it. I’ve had a few problems (like BF2 failing an install and requiring a manual uninstall) but that and most of the other problems have been due to it being a 64 bit OS in the first place, not it being vista necessarily.


    Actually managed to go 8 posts until an anti-Mac troll entered the thread.

    Hi magnus!


    MikeBabaguh: clearly not all anti-mac people are trolls.


    I’m gonna go and throw my hat into the Not-Hating-Vista ring. After using it for the better part of a year, I can’t go back to XP; it just feels cludgy and unhelpful. Sure, it had its issues when it was first released, but most people tend to forget that XP was shit before SP1 when they’re jumping on the anti-Vista bandwagon. The funny thing is, Vista had more under-the-hood improvements over XP than XP did over 2000, but there’s a big group of people who never looked past the new paint job before declaring, “Durr… They renamed my icons!… Read more »

    teezy weezy

    Nimbo: I call bullshit. Vista has only been available since January of 07.

    For the rest:

    Hey lets hate microsoft! Let’s hate on Vista! Everyone else is doing it!!

    Fucking bandwagon jumping emo-douche fucks. YOUR OPINIONS ARE INVALID.


    The only problem with Vista I have ever had is if I try and screw with my sound card settings sometimes I lose them completely and it’s a pain in the ass to get them back.


    I agree with you 100%, I would also like to add apples smear campaign as a reason for the failure, most people who know little about computers saw that and just thought vista was horrible. actually Microsoft did an experiment where they showed vista to a bunch of people who thought vista sucked but changed its name and all those people liked it. so damn you apple and your brilliant advertising!