Thank you Jesus

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…for that earthquake


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    that’s a repost from like, well, when the earthquake happened!!!!!


    Everything happens for a reason. Even if you don’t like it.

    Alec Dalek

    TGGeko: Your god doesn’t exist, event if you don’t like it.


    There’s another pic of this with hollocaust victims.

    Special Kail

    i like the response from jesus. thats classic


    TGGeko: You should read “Candide”. And really think about it. Just a suggestion.


    that’s what you get for believing in a fictional character as your deity

    for better luck, go worship peter pan or something


    Oh fuck, self-righteous atheists have gotten into the cat-nip again, and they’re going after the self-righteous Christians. Well you two have fun. I’ll be relaxing with my non-self-righteous friends, atheist and Christian alike. Have fun now.



    Haha. But self-righteousness is so much fun.

    While I’m not an atheist, posters like this one should be plastered all over the place. If there is anything that makes me want to die about my fellow theists, it’s when they believe that god interferes. Of course at the same time they believe they have free will. It blows my mind how one can be so oblivious.

    TGGeko is right though. Determinism FTW. (That’s how I interpreted it anyway)



    Yeah, I’m an atheist. And I’ll come right out and say, I believe there is no God. I can’t prove it, it’s a believe. I get annoyed at atheists that wear themselves (and everyone else) insisting that they ONLY apply scientifically rigorous standards to their own whatever, and oh how they can go on. Look, fuck you long-winded technicality-obsessed atheists: I believe there is no God. I can’t prove it, I can’t disprove it. Same goes for those who do believe.

    Now STFU, and try to live a good life however you can. Cheers? Cheers.



    So what was the STFU for.

    Yeah start complaining about atheists when they force religion teachers to teach about evolution.


    I believe we have free will, it just doesn’t matter because the majority of people will usually make the choices that are expected. This is how I explain exceptional characters now, those who make good use of what free will they have.



    Yeah alright, well I don’t believe that. People who grow up around poor criminals are more likely to become poor criminals themselves than rich kids etc. I could go on for hours, but I think you know what my thoughts on this are. Or shall I direct you to the determinism thread in the forums. I wanna know what you think about what I said there. What system do you believe exists. Randomness and coincidences? That you are not affected by the people around you, or your teachers? And that those don’t determine what your future decisions will be?



    You see, I hear about shit like that, happening in like Alabama and whatnot. Except I went to high school at a Franciscan Christian school. We had RE and sometimes had to go to mass. A couple of kids were quite religious, a couple of the teachers were.

    But, no there was never any creationism, never anything really forcefully shoved down my throat.

    So I guess I just can’t relate the same way that some, especially in America, can to the really rabid evangelical dogma.



    Interesting. Yeah guess what, I was denied to go to the school of my choice because I had no official religion. Pretty cool huh? Yeah I too thought it was amazingly funny. It was the only school around where they taught Latin. So I had to go to a business academy instead, which has nothing to do with my future plans. And now instead of going to law school as I had planned, I have to waste my time at a university with taking classes in Latin so that I can get into law school.

    But other than that, yeah you’re right. Shit like that never happens. Pffft.

    Nobody shoved anything down my throat, no, they are just keeping me out of the best schools.


    why has noone else commented on the fact that this is a repost?!?!?!?

    Alec Dalek

    Why do Christians go on about “ask and ye shall receive” and if you pray to god he will protect you, but then when this turns out to be bullshit, they say “god’s testing you”. Or he works in mysterious ways. Or “we know not gods plan”. Doesn’t this start to smell like bullshit? I can understand if you we’re “raised” christian (ie. inculcated) you might believe this shit, but how is it that converts don’t start to see through this? Maybe they’re just joining to get access to one particular pussy. Or for some other social reason.

    Maybe that’s it. All christians are either indoctrinated or they have an angle. No one of free thought and mind that didn’t have an ulterior motive has ever joined the church – at least not for very long. It’s just like House said “If you could reason with religious people, they wouldn’t be religious.”


    Comforts don’t have to be logical, only comforting.


    there is no Jesus
    there is only Thor!

    there is no God
    there is only Odin!



    Why are you trying so hard to put people into boxes? In the end, don’t you judge everyone you meet individually? Because if you don’t, you’re not any better than the people you judge so harshly.

    I wasn’t raised a theist, I became one. But hey, I never liked churches or any of that. In fact I’m against churches, I’m pro choice, I think religion shouldn’t have anything to do with how any country is governed, I don’t think there’s anything like sin, hell or heaven. And I recognise evolution as a scientific fact. I’d like to think I’m very open minded, at least I give everything a chance. I don’t think I know the absolute truth, and I don’t believe anyone who claims to know the absolute truth. (except mathematics. mathematics is absolute.)

    So in what box are you going to put me now?


    You sound like House

    The only reason they say things like that is because that they have no clue how God really works. No one does. It’s like trying to figure out how a watch works by only looking at the outside…from a telescope.


    This made me laugh.

    Alec Dalek

    dieAntagonista: Just so you know, I don’t bother reading any comments you post anymore. Haven’t for a while now.

    Snarky Parker


    That’s what’s up man: I’d take it that you’re not the average, run-of-the-mill atheist. Because as a fellow atheist, I have a good understanding on the existence of god(s), but I always leave room for the supernatural.

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