Black History Month

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An African American television writer [Damon Wayans] is criticized one too many times by his white ‘not racist boss [Michael Rapaport] for not being street enough. As a way to get back at his condescending boss, he proposes a modern day minstrel show, complete with black actors in black face. Amazingly, the show not only is approved by the executives, but becomes a nation-wide success leading to legions of fans running around the streets in black face. As you could guess, things could only go downhill from there

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    Snarky Parker

    I still have yet to watch the whole movie. Sad thing is that a lot of black people either fall in the category of living up to the stereotypes placed upon them YEARS ago, or being over-sensitive when it comes to jokes concerning their race; sometimes they’ll jump the gun, no pun intended: see Sean Delonas.


    I haven’t seen the movie. But you point about the stereotyping and overly-sensitive people are so true. You could apply this statement to any race. Stereotypes exist because it seems that large groups of people from all races have a sick compultion to make idiots out of themselves, knowingly or unknowingly.


    Black history?


    Slavery-Freedom-Use Freedom to Crap on the world

    great history


    Stereotypes exist because they are, to a certain point, true.



    Yeah and there’s hardly any information out there that is more useless.


    These may have been some of the stupidest comments I’ve come across (excluding dieA), unless you’re all rednecks and fulfilling your own stereotypes.


    I haven’t seen this either… Looks interesting…


    Tikie should implement someway to block comments from particular users from showing up. Ugh.


    happy watermelon month everyone


    @RSIxidor: Nah i feelz the smartz when i reed this comments


    Totally missed this post…

    I saw it. It’s fucking great until about 2/3 of the way through, when –like many Spike Lee flicks– it starts to fly off the rails into overwrought melodramatic bullshit. Still, it’s worth a torrent or even a rental.

    At my old movie-theater job the manager had this poster hanging in his office. And yes, he was white. Went over real big when he interviewed local black kids for jobs…

    T.G. Fisher

    Looks like a USDA poster to promote the sale of watermelons via food stamps.