Vectis Agent

flavor3_x8q8kxpegf.jpg (61 KB)

Artwork from a card in Conflux, the newest set in MTG part of The Shards of Alara block
To be released on February 21st 2009

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    I make love to my MTG cards all night, every night. I need more Scrib Sprites though, anyone want to donate?


    Feb 21st?

    i bought a Conflux Fatpack a few days ago at walmart.

    there are some awesome cards in that set

    i put this one in my artifact deck


    Go go, gadget arm!


    i love my cards but i haven’t got any new ones in a while through.


    me too. I officially stopped buying (not to say stopped playing by any means, just sworn off boosters) when the broke the game (well, not really, just changed the balance so you get about 150% as much power for any given amount of mana) in Lorwyn. I play a lot of Magic (not very well, mind you) with older cards, but I won’t play with or against anything post-Lorwyn. Of course, if they put things back to the way they used to be, there’s no way I’ll find out… I’ll think of something.


    Oh yeah, this picture rocks. Here’s to Magic, for giving us a lot of good fantasy art. And some bad fantasy art, but a lot of good stuff.


    Her right arm… It seems a little… Hokey…?