Heroic moves from the small and furry

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moms will do anything for their children. this is proof.

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    Squirrels are fucking cool, man.

    “moms will do anything for their children. this is proof.”

    This is only true of most mammals, birds, and some reptiles and fish. It seems the vast majority of the animal world’s “mothers” are more interested in neglecting, exposing, and possibly eating their children.


    Lol, I debated whether or not to post it here or in I-D.


    Squirrels are NOT fucking cool! Those little crackheads cannot be trusted, they rob, steal and break your stuff. They throw shit at you from their lofty tree top perches. Them and the chimpanzees have got to go.


    Squirrels are great. Taste like chicken. MMMMM…Squirrel wrapped in bacon? Great idea.


    God I hope that is not a dig at the sad story of Travis. That chimp was treated like that woman’s husband, was fed red meat all the time (they’re omnivores, stupid lady), suffered from Lyme disease, and was given Xanex (which AFAIK was not prescribed, and is not approved for use in chimps). I probably would’ve gone nuts if I was Travis.

    And maybe its a good thing squirrels act this way, look what we’ve don to their home.


    Squirrels are cool, chimps are too. They are cool when they are in their natural habitat and not in your home, dressed like babies. Wild animals are wild for a reason and are dangerous. They should be respected and left the fuck alone, dammit.


    when eating squirrel, it’s best to burn all the hair off before you skin it



    Yea that story about Travis made me sick to my stomach.


    @Hendu: What kind of chicken you been eating? Squirrel taste more like though rabbit. Oh and puppy in pic? you lose 5 points off your K9 license. You shame all dogs, getting yer butt handed to you by a squirrel.




    @mad_matt: That story cracked me up, and scared at the same time.

    @SumoSnipe: Never underestimate what a small wild animal can do. That dog was gonna lose no matter what. He had a mama’s baby and mamas will fight to the death for their babies.


    Bet that dogs like “Fuck I finally got one of those little bastards and he got away.”



    The dog is like “What the heck just happened here?”…


    @Phyreblade: That dog knows he was pwnd!


    @nyokki: Oh I don’t anymore. Not since I got the unholy bejabbers kicked out of me by a 35lb kangaroo in western Australia 14 years ago…..