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No idea who wrote this, saddest stuff I\’ve heard in a while


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    i think i am going to go cry somewhere now


    awww. Fuck you Mootea! Now I am all sad.
    Never was in a situation like this thankfully.
    But that is as sad as The Notebook.


    Now I have to find something to cheer me up before I got to bed now.


    ‘Cause women ever feel attraction for their emotional tampons.


    I hate whoever wrote this with every cell I have.

    I was once the guy in that story. I was kissed on the cheek, called over for late nights after bad boyfriends mistreated her, even made sure she was happy even when I couldnt be. She told me I was the best guy in the world.

    I worked up the courage to ask her out and not only did she said no….she laughed and told me that I wasnt her type. Now I cant feel anything anymore, even after several years. When I see other girls, I still see her and I know even if I was as good a person as I had been, it would still not be good enough.

    If you are best friends with the one you love, run away. Run away fast and never look back.
    One of you is going to be hurt. I know you think you want her to be happy no matter what, even if you have to sacrifice your own happiness. But its not worth it.

    I know I can never feel the same way again and even if I could, I wouldnt want to. I am dead inside.


    This is a sad story but just realizing how bullshit it is makes me not sad


    broxolm: I know what you mean.

    This was kind of predictable though… like something that showed up in a Chicken Soup book or something.

    Stupid Human

    I think you’re on the wrong website. Less feelings more bewbs.


    broxolm: Quit being an emo douchebag, and you’ll probably start getting some dates…


    Why do I feel like this story was fabricated to appeal an infinite number of internet geeks who get the wrong impressions from chicks they interact with? Oh…

    Jesus Christ

    Sounds like someone needs to cut their wrists and get the hell away from society.


    I took a peek down the page and saw funeral at the bottom, so I thought this was going to take a funnier turn on this played out story. Totally thought it would end with: “Went to her funeral today, then I waited until everyone left, dug her ass up and pulled out the Vaseline…”


    tear tear drip drip


    You snooze, you lose…


    Geeze, thanks for the downer, man 😛


    Bunch of emo bastards whining about their feelings in here.

    News flash: every relationship you will ever get in will eventually end in pain and loss. Fact of life. Accept it, enjoy the moment, and stop whining about how your soul has been ripped from your body or wtf ever it is you keep going on about.


    he got owned ha!


    Sooooo depressing. Not a good way to start out the day.


    tl; dr


    See what happens when you suffer in silence.
    Speak up or GTFO.

    No, wait, tits or GTFO!!!


    Fuck, man. Thats sad. Gonna go chew on the bidness end of my Kimber for awhile. Fuck.


    on the bright side, dead girls don’t say no.


    copypasta from /b/
    just baw thread fodder.



    Pics to prove that you’re not the fat slobby emo kid “best friend” of the chick, or gtfo.


    BLAH! That is retarded. I’m sad for the time I’ve lost reading it.


    he’s putting the pussy on a pedestal…


    I’m not reading any other comments, I’m just here to say fuck sad shit on MCS, and fuck this kid’s grammar. THOSE SQUIGGLY LINES MEAN SOMETHING!



    NO. Fuck those squiggly lines, they aren’t always right. And FireFox’ nasty red dots also. It doesn’t even know the word limerence! Fuck you FireFox, my vocabulary is greater than yours.


    monkeybird02: Just some friendly advice. I really don’t advise that particular coping mechanism, however if you do choose to go that route, make sure it’s loaded with dumdums, you got one in the chamber, the safety off, and the hammer back. And don’t gnaw on it, your goal should be to scratch your uvula with the front sight. Things will go a lot smoother that way
    Please, no need to thank me.



    I haven’t laughed this hard since I saw “The Passion of the Christ”.


    I’m crying over the 45 wasted seconds of my life.


    Annarchy: I’m crying over the 45 wasted seconds of my life.

    crap. someone beat me to the punch. My bad.


    Hmm. Clearly fiction. Too bad he had that diary part at the end. What a load of crap. If she had secretly been pining for him, those kisses on the cheek would have migrated into something else.

    It’s too bad, because there’s a real lesson in there that could have been explored. Mopey teenagers who develop crushes on friends need to be told that it isn’t their friends responsibility to reciprocate. broxolm’s story is a much better one (although seriously, move on. Thing’s don’t work out, that’s just the way the world works. Try to stay her friend and be happy for her if she finds the man of her dreams, she’ll do the same for you).

    Nemo Intermundorum


    No, not really. That was a waste of time. I was totally with jamestown on this one, and it didn’t at all go the way I expected.


    WistfulD: I dunno about it being fiction. It could be, but life is often stranger than fiction… I’m sure this scenario has actually been played out more times in the history of man you might like to think…


    I really really don’t want to think about people who spend their whole lives wanting to say something and never saying it for fear of being told “No”. That is a ridiculous waste of effort, life, space, air…need I go on? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, man!


    The next section of the story should be titled:


    Annarchy: I agree. Dude really had no good reason not to tell her… It’s almost frightening the amount of torture he put himself through for absolutely no reason at all..


    fucking loser (disregarding the fact whether or not this story is fictional or not or realistic or not).. honestly in my opinion.. expressing one’s feelings especially towards others is much better instead of keeping it bottled up inside… Take a chance and a risk of being hurt, as a matter of fact, getting hurt is one of the best ways of experiencing life (although I don’t mean cutting yourself or anything like that), with that people can gain insight and meaning… plus it way better to risk it instead of regretting it.. and based from experience.. I fucking hate regret..


    Avias: Agreed. Keeping all your feelings to yourself makes you shallow, because those feelings are never tested. If you’ve been rejected a few times, you learn from it; you mature, gain depth of feeling and you’ll actually interact w/ the people around you. Who would want to remain in the grip of adolescent emotions for the rest of their lives. I can take rejection and the sort of abuse you can get on the internet (if you tell anything like the truth about yourself) w/out feeling the need to hurt myself (or anyone else…mostly ;)). Regrets are for pussies. I’ve most certainly done things that I embarrassed about, but it’s not those I regret. Most people feel more strongly about the “What if I had done A rather than B?” and “If only hadn’t been too scared to try ….”, rather than about “Oh I can’t believe I did that“.


    nyokki: I dunno about hiding ones feelings being *inherently* shallow per se. In general, I don’t believe it’s the right thing to do, however there are some scenarios where hiding them is the more honorable thing to do.

    Not because you are scared of being hurt or anything like that, but because you know that putting it all out there may actually create conflicts and cause the people you love, including the target of your affections, severe emotional distress. In fact, in situations like these, ones own emotions might still be tested quite strenuously.

    In the situation described above, however, the dude was really just being stupid…


    Phyreblade: You’re right. I should have been more specific. I was talking about suppressing all feelings, no matter what. There are certainly times when one should not express every feeling you have. You definitely want to take the time to consider you’re more intense feelings. I was really talking about psychopaths who stalk, serial killers, etc…If they ever brought their feelings out to be challenged they’d be forced to realize how insane they are…so they don’t. People tend to think that silent suffering is automatically “deep”, and I think the opposite is often true.


    nyokki: WRT normal emotions, yes, I agree that suppressing feelings is generally bad.

    Psycopaths, and certain kinds of serial killers, on the other hand, are a mixed bag. Some of them aren’t actually suppressing their feelings. They don’t actually have the same emotions as everyone else, are are simply mimicking what emotions they do show in order to fit in and function within society, sometimes to much greater effect than the real thing…

    They do not feel things like fear, sadness, and other similar emotions, the same way other people do, and therefore do not really have the emotional capacity to empathize. You cannot appeal to their emotions, because there is little there to bring to the surface to begin with. In fact, if you dig deeper, you may find less emotion, instead of more.

    It seems counter intuitive, but psychopathic behavior is difficult to frame in relation to how regular peoples emotions work, and it is often misinterpreted. What I found rather intriguing was that with those serial killers who actually did have emotions, some also had a conscience, knew that what they were doing was wrong, knew that they were insane, and even wanted to get caught so they would be forced to stop killing, but could not stop themselves from murdering people.

    I’d like to believe that those serial killers who have a conscience could be trained to stop killing by making them bring their emotions to bear, or by forcing them to endure the same psychological anguish they put their victims through. But the truth is that many studies have shown that, only a few might benefit from such a treatment. Left to their own devices, many would still go back to killing, even after therapy.

    For this reason, psychopathy is clinically considered an untreatable condition, though I do not believe this to be always true. I think that, much like anything else, there are many causes, and varying degrees of psychopathic behavior. Depending on the root cause, some should be correctable, and for those cases, your observation should hold true…


    If psychopaths could me made to care enough to go to treatment, to want it to work, then yes they would be treatable. Unfortunately, by definition, they don’t have the emotions needed to care if what they are doing is wrong or if it affects others.
    And I must admit, there are days when I would prefer to be that way. I read a paper a while back that linked psychopathic tendencies to corporate promotions. Less emotion = more money.


    Annarchy: I think the way that psychopathy has been studied in a clinical setting leaves something to be desired. The vast majority of psychopaths that are studied are usually extreme cases, murderers, serial killers, etc.

    These people have deep seated issues, but because of their psychopathy, their homicidal tendencies are generally impossible to treat. However the point you raised about people with psychopathic tendencies also climbing the corporate ladder the fastest also indicates something else. Not all psychopaths are killers. And there are some who wouldn’t even be corporate back stabbers. Not because they couldn’t, but rather because they decided they didn’t want to.

    I think the mistake people make is to confuse the lack of emotion with a psychopaths reasons for doing whatever it is they do. An absence of emotion does not automatically make a psychopath either good or bad. To some extent, both their genetic makeup, and the environment they developed in, can have a large effect on what kind of person they actually become.

    I think that there are psychopaths walking around who, like their more violent counterparts, feel little emotion, but don’t have the desire to hurt people. Unfortunately these folks aren’t usually studied, because they don’t make the news, do not have bad enough habits to warrant them visiting a psychologist, and are adept enough at mimicking emotions that nobody would ever think for a second they were actually devoid of them.

    So while it may be true that psychopathy itself is basically untreatable, I think it might be theoretically possible to employ some form of psychological brainwashing in order to remove the mental impetus that causes them to want to kill, or replace it with something else. Strangely enough, however, I have yet to see any studies on this…


    Phyreblade: I thought that those who lack normal emotion were sociopaths, not psychopaths. I specifically did not include sociopaths in my comment. Now I’m gonna have to google and wiki and who-knows-what other verbs.


    Could it be…could it be possible…That no one, no one called the writer Emo?


    nyokki: Good point, supposedly there’s a clinical difference between sociopaths and psychopaths, however I stopped paying any heed to the distinction long ago, since the definitions keep changing depending on who you talk to and when, and more importantly to me, the differences seem purely about the resultant behavior, and not the underlying issue.

    Legend has it that a psychopath has a much better understanding of emotion, understands, at some level, what they are, and are therefore much more skilled/controlled in their ability to mimic and manipulate the emotions of others, whereas sociopathological behavior is marked by massive self delusion. They are not as controlled, do not understand emotions in general, and consider themselves perfectly fine.

    Personally, I don’t think any of the many (and widely varying) supposed clinical differences make much difference. Neither the psychopath nor the sociopath actually suppress their feelings.

    The sociopath is under the delusion that they are normal, expresses what feelings they have freely, (and often quite destructively) and cannot be convinced that their actions are abnormal.

    The psychopath has usually already figured out that they are not normal, and mimics whatever feelings they think are appropriate for a given scenario. But they really don’t feel as much as they pretend to, and don’t really care.

    Afaik neither has been shown to respond to any form of conventional emotional self discovery therapy. The sociopath is already out there, there is nothing more, hidden anywhere for them to feel, and as for the psychopath, well, if you strip away the emotions they claim to feel, you will find even less…


    Phyreblade: I did a quick wiki and sociopath and psychopath are more or less interchangeable. When I was taking psych courses in college (20-25 years ago), a distinction was made. The distinction was between types that lead to the same outcome. The sociopath would kill because they felt they had to due to external pressures(Scott Peterson), while the psychopath would kill for internal reasons. Subtle perhaps, but still a distinction. They prolly share triggers for the violent behavior. I’ll have to see if I still have notes on it. What a difference a couple of decades make. Perhaps I’ll write it in fortran.


    nyokki: It’s interesting how the definitions kept changing over the years. The only one that made any sense to me was the one I cited, so that’s pretty much what i stuck with, because it explains both the internal mechanics as well as the difference in the externally presented symptoms for both disorders… But I’d still be interested to see your notes if you find them. Though if you’re gonna post it in archaic code, I much prefer LISP… 🙂


    Sociopaths, psychopaths, whatever they are labeled currently, I think there are way more of them out there than anyone could guess. Simply because they haven’t done anything to land them in front of someone with a degree yet. I agree that they can be violent, just like any other person. The biggest problem with psychiatry in my opinion is that it’s preached, treated as dogma, but it’s still evolving. Sheesh, look at autism and how the definition, treatment and possible triggers have changed over the last 20 years. I sum up psychiatry in this one sentence: people do things, we don’t know why.


    Annarchy: Indeed. I think our society breeds them. I think true Psychology is more of an art than a science. As i see it, everyone, even the seriously disturbed, makes sense in their own world.

    The Psychologist has to figure out the rules of each individuals world, and figure out if the rules can be rewritten to make them more compatible with that of the society at large. It’s a tricky thing.

    Science can give us pointers, but very few specific directions for each individual. I’m not really surprised it’s been so hard to nail something like this down…


    As my psychiatrist told me a long time ago: There is no such thing as normal. There is harmful and not harmful.


    Annarchy: Phyreblade: Agreed. There seems to be an unusually large number of them (especially serial killers) here in America and Russia. I’m not clear why that should be. I wonder where China falls in this. I’m just curious if large populations w/in a large area is a factor; in places where it’s relatively easy to be anonymous, and have access to millions of victims.


    I’ve always thought it’s a societal factor. In countries like the US and Russia, where there is so much space, you’re relatively anonymous unless you live your whole life in the same town/village. Being anonymous does weird things to humans.


    Annarchy: As is continuously proven on the internet.




    Annarchy: Your psychiatrist was very wise…


    Only a guy could make up a story like that.

    Girls might crush on a guy from afar – she’s a geek, he’s a jock, whatever – but if it’s a guy in her immediate social circle, 99.9% of girls can effortlessly manoeuvre the guy into a situation where he realises he’s home free. (Believe me, it’s happened to me a couple of times.) The guy will then make the ‘first move’, never to realise that it was the girl who made the first move all along.

    Men think about declaring themselves, and being scared to do it. Girls think about making the guy declare himself – so they have nothing to be scared of – if there’s no declaration, she’s untouched.

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