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Search your heart. You know it to be true.

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    First comment- 7.9 pts
    second comment- 9.3 pts
    Third comment- FAIL

    It IS true…


    Blade 3 doesn’t even deserve what little blue it got. Ditto for Spiderman 3. Both series had such good movies for the first two and such suck-ass movies for the third one.



    ….goddamnit, Moe’s right.


    the second indiana jones sucked compared to 1 and 3 – 3rd wasnt bad at all… but I liked spiderman 3


    Animatrix was good.


    Spiderman needs more white, all of them. But Alien 3 was awesome, one of the best endings…


    Ah, but many of these became tetralogies and ushered in a whole new level of “Why God, WHY?” Batman & Robin, anyone?


    X-Men 3 was way better than X-Mens 1 & 2. Bryan Singer has to add all that “we’re a family” bullshit to every superhero film he makes, it seems—he’s cut off both Wolverine’s and Superman’s balls. X3 was superior in action, plot and the fact that I didn’t have to put up with that whiny bitch Cyclops.


    alien 3 was good. so was terminator 3… ridiculous, but good. also, everyone knows that rocky II is better than rocky.


    There’s like 4 Indies, 5 Planet of the Apes movies (not remakes), 4 Superman movies (With Reeve) and 11 Star Trek movies (7 with original cast).
    You need to rate Star Trek 7. I for one thought Shatner was pure sexy in his girdle.
    Worst, movie, evar


    you forgot Universal Soilder
    first one- Good Action flick
    Second one- good Gay action flick
    Third one- we’ll have to see it first.. is it out yet? does anyone else care?


    rattybad: While I’m not entirely happy about some of Singer’s versions of the X-Men or his casting choices, X-Men and X2 remain very good movies if one disregards liberties taken with the source material, and they’re both superior to Ratner’s disastrous foray.

    Oh, and FYI… the X-Men ARE a family in all but blood (and in some cases, several are connected by blood). The ties that bind them and the sense of brotherhood (no pun intended) is part of why I love Xavier’s merry band of mutants.




    I disagree on the account of Jurassic Park 3. I felt all three were good movies, though the first two were more solid than the third.


    Rocky and Rambo – all of them were equally awful.
    Star Wars – the prequels? Meh, no slivers of blue.


    this is by far the post I have ever seen on mcs

    Luke Magnifico

    Can’t help but notice that LOTR got good ratings across the board.

    How in the world did that happen.


    Silverwolf: Allow me to rebutt—you don’t convince Wolverine that he’s “family” after only a few days at the X-Mansion. And the first two were cheesy plots with almost no action and few interesting characters (Jean Grey–her power is to stand there concentrating real hard; compare that to the terrific effects of the 3rd flick when they finally busted out some cool characters). I don’t read comics to hear about what a tight-knit group they are, and the relationships between the X-Men in the film came down to pointless adult bickerings, all smothered with cheesy kid-friendly dialogue. I mean, really—a Senator who turns into liquid? A stopover at Iceman’s parents’ house? X3 got into the mutant threat big-time, and showed actual repercussions. Save the family shit for X-Babies.


    LukeV1-5: because they are all awesome?

    anyways, I agree with the list for the most part, except for Die Hard. Die Hard 3 is at least on a par with the first one, and certainly better than the second one.

    Gary Generic

    I disagree with Alien, Mad Max, Batman and Indiana Jones.

    Alien 3 was a character piece and most people couldn’t comprehend that.

    Mad Max was almost even across the board, but Thunderdome was actually the low point of the three (awesome as it was).

    Temple of Doom wasn’t quite on par with Last Crusade.

    I’ve only seen two Batman movies. I don’t know why the yet-to-be-made third is marked so low. I keed, I keed – but Forever was actually more true to Batman then the bile Burton spewed out.

    Luke Magnifico

    TunaFish: Wrong. The story on which they are based is froth. It’s a bad story. It’s been hyped, and it’s chock full of epic special effects and breathtaking scenery, but the actual story, the premise of the film, is bad.

    I still can’t figure out how it got to be so popular.



    how many two word phrases can I come up with to prove the fail in X3?

    1) Jugger. Naut.
    2)Angel’s plotline
    3)Wasted Sentinels
    4)Cyclops Beshitted
    5) I’m Bored.


    LukeV1-5: You surely have repressed memories of 3 and are just thinking 4 is 3. It was like a bad episode of Law and Order with an effects budget.


    Oops, that was sposed to be @Tuna, obviously.


    Indiana Jones 2 sucked horribly, how is it rated above The Last Crusade which was far superior in every way?
    Also, Spider-man 1 should be higher, it was a much better movie than the first X-men.
    Plus, Blade 2 wasn’t that good…always found Blade 1 to be better and Blade 3 only slightly worse.

    Gary Generic

    Blade II has more blue Star Trek II?
    This chart us broken.

    Gary Generic



    Godfather 3 isn’t that bad and there is no way Blade 2 is better than Blade 1.

    Also LOTR should be all full bars or at least ROTK.


    WOW Robocop too!!! Holy Schnikees!


    Matrix 3 was way better than Matrix 2…. blech


    rattybad: I’m assuming you ignored my comment about my dislike for some of Singer’s characterization, which partly agrees with your points. The rushed development of bonds in the movie took place over decades in the comics. Rogue took a shot for Wolverine before he began to trust in the comics, and his relationship with Jean also developed over a long period. Logan spent years ruffling his teammates feathers. On the other hand, the third movie made a great mess of characters that only a fan of the comics can fathom. If you don’t read the comics, chances are you’ll like the Last Stand.


    I liked all the matrix’s VERY much. But number 2 and 3 were awesome because of the ghosts and the huge mechanised gun bots that humans in zion operated.


    rattybad: Anyone who liked X-Men 3 is retarded. The movie was terrible, the script was awful, and the acting was crap. If you seriously liked x-3, then I seriously have a video of me taking a dump which you’ll probably love.

    Putridity: The ‘huge mechanised gun bots’ were one of the worst parts of The Matrix 2 & 3. “Oh, I know, lets build these really awesome exo-skeletons for fighting the machines, but we’ll build them so they off exactly _zero_ protection to the human operating them.”

    While they were at it, they should have research a suit to protect them from 3-inch bees, and worked on bullet proofing their legs.


    zaffudo: Impracticality does not diffuse concentrated awesomeness.
    When you can design a mechanised suit cooler than that one and yet still have it be an obvious tribute to the one in Aliens, then I will listen to you when it comes to futuristic war machinery. I agree they needed more armour, but they still rock my socks off. I want seven of them.


    How is Batman a trilogy? They’ve yet to make more than two movies in continuity with each other.


    Jaws 2 was way better than 3.


    kurrgo: The Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney movies were all one continuity, held together with stuff like Pat Hingle’s Commissioner Gordon, Michael Gough’s Alfred, and to a lesser extent, Chris O’Donnel’s Robin.


    Ok, am I missing something, or are some of those movies quadrilogies and pentologies whose extra parts have been conveniently ignored for the purposes of this comparison? That’s just bad science yo…


    Jurassic Park 3 was MUCH better than 2. Superman 3 wasn’t as good as the first two, but not as bad as the graph seems to imply. All three Rocky movies should only have a sliver of blue. Batman 3 wasn’t nearly that bad… you’re probably thinking of the fourth movie (the one with Clooney). Finally, Alien 3 was a VERY good movie. Whoever made the graph really has poor taste, and was very harsh of third movies for no apparent reason.


    Aliens better than Alien?

    Only in america for sure.


    Actually they were both classic, but I really do think Aliens had so much more character than Alien did…


    How come an action movie is better than a psychological horror/thriller?

    Nevermind, only in america as I said.


    Indie 3 OMG! there should be negative water in that cup!


    ITT: Fan-fights.


    : Thinking you are confusing Last Crusade with Crystal Skull. Last Crusade rocked balls.


    I second the motion that Last Crusade rocked balls.

    My balls Third and Fourth it.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I have decided I will let you live provided probably post is adjusted to definately post.
    Also, How could you forget:
    “Get away from her you bitch!”


    why is star wars even on there? Star Wars isn’t a trilogy. its a sectlogy(?).
    and i have only seen:
    -all star wars movies
    -first matrix movie (maybe the third, but i can’t remember)
    -Jurassic Park 2 (i think)
    -X-men 3
    -Spiderman 1 and 2
    -All LotR
    -I think i have seen all three BttF movies
    -I saw Blade: Trinity over the weekend
    -and all three alien movies

    thats it.


    I find it amusing that peoples brains have blanked out the horror that was the 90’s era batman movies. I mean come on, nipples on the batsuit?
    “Hey Vasquez! You ever been mistaken for a man?”
    “No. Have you?”


    I have no clue whether he won or not. The Oscars are a great indicator of movies I will not enjoy. Yeah, I’ve seen all the Rambo and Rocky movies (thanks, Dad!), and I despise all of them. Stallone is awful.
    I demand to know why Highlander is not on this list!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    DIE HARD 3 is better than DIE HARD 2

    no question


    Die Hard 3 was prolly my favorite, same w/ Back to the Future and Indiana Jones.


    The Alien tetralogy is (except for the fourth one that’s just a travesty) just awesome. Sigourney Weaver is my hero.

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