Shit Parenting

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    Teutonic Logic

    A friend of mine’s wife was a huge fan of smoking while pregenant.




    That woman needs to be kicked in the cunt (after she births her faultless water-head baby, of course). These people need their fertility forcibly removed.

    Teutonic Logic

    @ deuce

    Calm done Mien Furher, the mandatory nationwide sterilization program is going to take some time to organize logistically.


    it would be even better if you take out the water and add a beer.


    My sister smoked during most of her pregnancy (she quit the last three months). People did and said some really unbelievable things to her. Someone walked up and spit on her.

    Teutonic Logic

    @ outofocus

    Yeah people tend to react negatively when they see a future mother potentially harming her unborn infant, by selfishly fufilling their own addiction.
    ps…fuck bob crane


    @Teutonic Logic: Please point out the obvious to someone who needs it. (that not being me, in case you needed more specifics)

    Teutonic Logic

    which part? The fuck bob crane part?

    Well good old Bob had quite the roller coaster career. Did you know he was a DJ and not one of the cool DJs that snort coke out of model’s ass crack, but the boring crappy kind that work for radio stations. He would go on to have a lasting impact in the simpsons, where Homer would often reference the TV show crane was on before he was brutally murdered.


    This is totally my ex gf and her friend. Her friend has 5 kids now, and when I went with them to the mall, they had me watch the bastards while they went the mobile phone store. I’m sure there is a “friends boyfriend/boytoy: more useful then you think” article under the “ways to lock your kids in the car so you can shop” section.

    Not to mention they yell at their kids all the time because they don’t supervise them until they fuck something up.

    And yes, they smoke during preggo as well.


    @Teutonic Logic: It was Family Guy, not the Simpsons. And it was Peter who looked up to Colonel Klink, not Hogan – the wanker Crane played. 🙂


    @outofocus: She smoked throughout the first and second trimester, and only decided quit the *last three* months? Kudos for quitting I guess, but…

    *ahem* errr…

    OK… *cough*…

    I’m just gonna shut my mouth and walk away…


    @Phyreblade: You have no idea how mad it made me. But considering the fact she quite oxycotin the day she found out she was pregnant…..

    I’m not talking to her right now. She’s in rehab. I’m not impressed with her.