I Herd U Like Kids

supdawg.png (313 KB)

(So I put a kid in your kid)

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    41 Responses ttto I Herd U Like Kids

    1. ohmybob says:

      The damn boy is a father at 13. what the hell.

    2. reptilecobra13 says:

      Wow…It’s feeling a little /b/ in here.

    3. Kero says:

      Also he doesnt look 13, he looks 7, and she looks sickley

    4. Puulaahi says:

      Aww she is a mother of two children…Say what?! OH SHIT! That’s disgusting!

    5. Willustration says:

      I chuckled.

    6. deleted_user says:

      @Kero: Yeah she looks like shes 60 or something…

    7. token2k6 says:

      @reptilecobra13: O HAI! I thought that was the point…

      funny post, I mean come on, this really is one goddamn ridiculous (but funny) story!

    8. Mohawk says:

      that shit made me laugh.

    9. Also, this shit is scary.

      My former classmate’s sister looks exactly like her, except with bleach blonde hair.

      I can’t remember her name but she made me cry once.

    10. Now I remember! Her name was Pia. Stupid bitch.

    11. Gouki4u says:

      I rofl’d.

      @reptilecobra13: MCS users browse /b/ so you don’t have to!

    12. nyoki says:

      Imagine the shitstorm this would have created if it had happened in the States.

    13. gx5000 says:

      What are they naming the kid ?

      Damien ?

      Naw but, I’m holding close to the belief that’s it’s a hoax…PLEASE let it be a hoax /cry

    14. reptilecobra13 says:

      @Gouki4u: The worst part: I’m a /b/tard myself.

    15. nyokki, this does happen in The States, all the time. This one is being sensationalized because he looks so young and it makes it seem more shocking.

    16. smitha22 says:

      @nyokki: … in the south?

    17. SomethingToBelieveIn says:

      I laughed hard enough that I felt the need to comment about it.

    18. riverdaledragon says:

      @dieAntagonista: Its okay.. your safe now.. Scotty has you nice and safe.. lol

    19. Teutonic Logic says:

      this is why my son is going go to an all-boys private catholic high school. Sure he will be totally uneducated about sex and will probably get a girl pregenant in college, but at least it will be in college.

    20. AbaddonTheDespoiler says:

      i hate kids

    21. Special Kail says:

      @Teutonic Logic: Don’t forget about the years spent touching other boys, and probably being touched by a preist. But hey, at least he wont get a girl pregnant… but luckily you won’t ever have to talk to him about sex…

      BTW, this pic is epic win.

    22. sickmindedone says:

      Hah, I lol’d.

    23. CathyLong says:

      the pic? hilarious.

      This isn’t newsworthy, though. 13 year old girls have babies EVERY DAY in this country and no one cares . All of the sudden, one of the baby daddies isn’t in his 30s and it’s a “shocker”. *meh*

      It’s about as dumb as “cougars” being a big deal when men have fucked women half their age for centuries. Who cares?

    24. Teutonic Logic says:

      @ cathylong

      I think the big deal with this photo is the fact that the boy looks about 9 or 10 regardless of his actual age the kid looks prepubecent.

      As for the cougar thing, you dont think its a big deal that human beings are doing something different from what they have done for all of their recorded history? I mean sure men have dating younger women, but women HAVENT dated younger men.

      By your logic, its no big deal that women have been able to go into the work place, hold political office, vote, and control their bodies. Simply because men have been able todo all those things since the beginning of history.

    25. CathyLong says:

      Well, no, it’s NOT a big deal. It’s just a fact. It doesn’t make things newsworthy in 2009 because they were newsworthy 60 years ago. -_-

      I was just saying that this story relies entirely on superficial reasoning. As if it would be okay if he “looked” older. It’s still kids having kids. A problem that’s been going on in this country for quite some time. He’s not even the first 13 year old father. THAT’s what’s so dumb about it.

    26. richrim3 says:

      this is hilarious.

    27. MonkeyHitman says:

      it saddens me but xzibit always makes me laugh

    28. Phyreblade says:

      OK, I’m missing something here:

      “Yo Dawg, I herd u liek kids, so check it, I put a kid in yo kid so you can ??? while u ???.”

      Anyone care to fill in the blanks for this slow one over here?

    29. nyoki says:

      I realize it happens here, but if it were to make it to the front of a well known newspaper, the shitstorm would be epic…and hysterical.

    30. Denmarkian says:

      @Phyreblade: Obviously it’s “so you can parent while you parent”

    31. nyoki says:

      @Phyreblade: or so you can be a kid w/ a kid.

    32. Dragunov says:


      She’s 15, he’s 13.

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