Big Dog Military Robots

bigdog.jpg (122 KB)

Youtube it. You will crap your pants.

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    They are impressive in a few aspects, the guy kicking it without it falling over was pretty damn amazing, walking is one of the most difficult things for a robot to do, now the day a Biped gets a full weight kick and doesn’t fall over I’ll be impressed and shortly after make some pipe bombs and destroy the factory martyr style… SARAHHHH!!!



    this one is astonishing too


    Hold me, i’m scared.

    Luke Magnifico

    They look fucking terrifying


    can’t wait till they become self aware and rid the planet of the human virus


    Saw these on Colbert awhile back –yes, pants were crapped.

    I think the “socks” are what make them so creepy.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Been killing those things playing Half Life 2 for awhile now….

    Never thought there would be a chance I’d get to do it in real life one day….

    Demonstrators, wtach out…take out a Tire Iron and let loose !


    wow. it jumps. nike endorsement?


    Now only if they could make it quieter. Program some HL2 Hunter-like behavior, and we = fucked.


    Amazing and actually quite creepy.

    If they don’t add armor to the joints, a couple of well placed .308’s could take it down. Still…it has awesome potential.


    Even the sound of them walking is scary, if I saw that coming towards me I’d run.
    Look at the part of the video where they’re on ice-ugh


    looks like something from half life 2 episode 2


    Metal Gear?

    Joeseph Goebbels

    Old, I can’t believe you guys haven’t seen these things before.


    Don’t these kind of look like the one’s from MGS4? i’m not impressed until there’s a Rex ruining people’s shit.


    @TheMustardMan: LOL I am definitely not drinking enough. It took me a few seconds to realize it was 2 guys.


    This shit is cool, but all it makes me think of is Ravage from Transformers.


    First time i saw these, i thought it was a gimick, with two guys head to head in black hose… LOL

    But it is real. To be fair, it is a lot easier to do with 4 legs than 2, but it is still very, very impressive… All they need is to work out how to incorporate a quieter power source (Prolly LiIon batt packs) and we’ll be riding mechanical horses in no time…

    @nyokki: Dagnabbit Nyokki!! Now you’re just scaring me…!


    reminds me of a Landstrider from Dark Crystal.

    (disclaimer: no, that’s not an actual video, just the least boring one i found that was best for my purposes. 😛 )