Sometimes when I’m sad I like to cut myself…another piece of cheesecake

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Its just too easy.

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    She should just shut the hell up and get a job at Wal*Mart already … or kill herself. Emos are the hemorrhoids of humanity.


    When she grows up

    It’s either that or one of her parents was a Persian cat.




    outofocus is a genius


    How old is she? 10?


    nyokki: I was guessing 12 or so. My sister was a tubby too.


    What are those things under her lip? Are they piercings? If so, what parent of a 12-14 yr old would allow that?


    A lot more then you think. Parents today (Over-all) don’t care what their kids do.. Or if they care, they don’t pay attention enough to notice.


    JWebster: Saying parents “over-all [sic] don’t care what their kids do” is a gross overstatement. If so, you’d see a majority of kids running around looking this freakish. These are the exceptions, not the rule.


    outofocus: Holy Shiz. Where did you find that picture.. Creepy… and right one cue. lol. Looks like the Cat womans daughter. without the spikes haha


    JWebster: Indeed. Or don’t understand that parenting requires setting limits and telling their kids “Heck no” every once in a while. A sad truth that irritates me to no end on a near daily basis…


    BowToMe: fuck you


    she makes me wanna kill fat sad emos


    WTF kill it with fire. Is this kelly osbourne?


    thats what i thought


    This girl is a definitely a fashion disaster, but I just feel like we are ganging up on a teenager for having the awful gaul of being a teenager. Not cool on us. We were all teenagers once, and we all made horrible decisions. We just didn’t have the intar-web there to make fun of every photo ever taken of us.


    To quote QC, this isn’t shooting fish in a barrel, this is dropping a tactical nuke into a bucket of mackarel…


    “I hate everyone. except for those who bring me hoagies”


    AHAHAHA! Sorry. Poor chubby emo girl. HAHAHA!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If that were my kid I’d push it out the window and tell everyone it’s away at boarding school.


    WistfulD: Well, yes, teenagers will be teenagers. But me personally, I wish we could gang up on their parents…


    @...WistfulD: No, we just had all of our peers. I don’t care how teenagers dress. For all we know this girl gets good grades and will end up taking an interest in something that will make her a useful part of society. When I was 13 (that’d be 1988/89) I had blue hair, had pierced my ears multiple times (myself), cut myself, got into fights, skateboarded, built computers, had a huge vocabulary, won spelling bees, was on the honor roll, thought Slayer and Anthrax were the end all, blah blah blah. Some of the most successful (and happy) people I… Read more »



    Of course, this girl could be a whiner who looks this way for attention. If so, then her parents should be paying closer attention and finding outlets that fulfill that need before she goes to a further extreme and starts shooting up.

    This is the part that worries me. I’m not sure how many parents these days actually know where that line is…


    @...Phyreblade: That bit you quoted is a description of my sister (i was adopted on my dad’s side and always lived with my mom) who is currently in rehab for slipping back on her H addiction and getting into Oxycontin shortly after her baby was born. Her parents were enablers… putting up with the behavior that led my sister to that behavior. There are many parents who aren’t honest with themselves or aren’t able to be strict when needed. I’m not sure that’s a “these days” issue but I do suspect that it’s more common in individualistic cultures where children… Read more »


    @...WistfulD: @...outofocus: @...Phyreblade: Teens will be teens. I really don’t have a problem w/ her. It’s the parents and the piercings that bother me. When I was a teen (79/81) I was wearing jeans w/ holes, purple hair cut asymmetrically, hung a Barbie head on my leather jacket and snuck (it is too a word) out to concerts and clubs. But there were limits. My parents would have freaked if I’d gotten piercings or tattoos at that age. I honestly can’t even say what they would have done. I also was an A student (Stuyvesant), but all of this was… Read more »


    Grrr. Yet another classic case of the low self esteem girl turning to the “alternative” scene in hopes that it might express their individuality better. Most of these kids would rather be cheerleaders than the way they are. These types of people ennoy me to no end as they reflect badly on the actual weirdos like me who aren’t doing this as a “This is what depressed is supposed to look like” and are just plainly into the lifestyle. Also the aesthetic is very awesome. I guarantee that if “punk” didn’t look good, noone would be punk. Noone likes looking… Read more »

    Yeah… when you look like that, giant metal warts hanging off your face doesn’t really help your case…


    @...Putridity: I hit the punk scene just as it hit in NYC and London. You could always tell the rich punks and the real punks, mostly by smell. ;<) Gildersleeves and CBGBs were filthy disgusting clubs that were usually filled w/ punks and Hells Angels and had all the punk and new wave bands. Then there was The Peppermint Lounge and Danceteria that were left over discos, but still the same people showed up. It didn’t really what music they played as long as you could dance to it and feel like a rebellious individual. Some people are genuine and… Read more »


    Ah!! The smell is very telling. I am jealous that you got to hang with the real punks. I came along about 10 years later and got the remnants.


    Annarchy: I was a tad too young when it first started. In London I was 13ish and NYC 15-19. By the time I was really old enough it had already morphed into something else. It was hella fun while it lasted though. There were so many free concerts, Central Park, 59th st Pier, Jones and Rockaway beaches that I’ve seen almost every punk/new wave band that was out there. Those are some of my favorite memories.


    The only “punk scene” that I have experienced is the current one in melbourne city. Full of young wankers who use punk as a way of just being a useless layabout lazy piece of shit, rebelling for the sake of rebellion and doing the whole: “FUCK YOU PIG!” Pig then tries to arrest, “I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!!!” It’s hilarious. I have not seen one act of brutality against the punks that wasn’t thier fault. But hey! Anarchy ANARCHY ANARCHY! Little bastards have no idea what the true meaning of that is. they just think: No government? AWESOME! Now I can… Read more »


    And to think the whole movement started with a band that was created to showcase a clothing line. Wow.


    i’m pregnant and i know it.

    Evan Fowler

    I made this in 2007. It came from a comment I made about a heavy set goth girl at UPS to my friend Caleb. The picture was found on 4chan and I added the text. Idk the girl in the image but if she sees this I guess I’m sorry. Nothing personal.

    tiki god

    thank you for your service.

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