Sexy Girl in Glasses

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Well I’ve been lurking on the site for about a year now and finally decided to make an account.


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    I’m guessing that you wouldn’t describe yourself as sexy girl with glasses?


    Sorry, I am only into the girls who are M[c]S Premium members.




    I have almost the exact same shoes! Why hello there. I like your hair and glasses.

    Are you a hair dresser?


    Well, its a valid title.


    I lurked for quite a while as well. Created an account cause I like to see the nudie pictures too.


    Welcome. Was this photo done for a purpose other than funsies? It looks quite well put together.
    Not that I have a clue about photography…


    Figured as much. Err. Did Tiki know it was you? I hope he did. That would make the title sooo much awesomer.


    I lurked here a while before signing up too. Welcome to MCS. Watch out for the computer stalking virus zombie.


    Puulaahi: You lot never warned me about such things…


    Putridity: Well we thought you had enough to worry about.

    Gary Generic

    Samtar: You look like my ex, Libby. She was funny, smart and tough as nails.


    I’m at a loss for words… ?There are no girls on the internets!?

    “Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?”


    ” Neither did I. I was just asking.”


    Puulaahi: Err. I honestly can’t think of something witty to say.
    FullofStars: I did… I am a furry. Seeing a fluffy bunny dressed up as a hot tramp always floated my goat.
    I am sure you all agree with me.


    : “I just opened my mouth and out it came.”


    Zombies?! Where? I’ll call the wookie!


    SumoSnipe: Calling wookies for assistance against zombies isn’t normal.
    But on meth it is.

    tiki god

    adsense content is based on post titles 😉

    I could only wish to know someone this beautiful irl.


    tiki god: Well put.
    what had Samtar titled it if you remember?

    tiki god

    “my first post”
    “i am new here”





    boring new to mcs.

    That’s what you titled your post? Um… Yeah. I think Tikis title is much more appropriate…


    😀 You are all so warm and cuddly today. I can feel the furry warmth!
    Samtar: How did you find the site? I myself found it through (Right wing gun lunatic website but they are funny as hell)
    speaking of that, how did we all find this site?
    Tikigod… You don’t have to answer.


    Samtar: Welcome to the hot-as-hell-not-girls-on-the-internet club. It’s pretty frikken exclusive. Do you feel honored? You should. ;<)


    HA! A cute girl on the internets. No way, man, no way. Shooped.

    Also, nice glasses. Welcome.


    wow. will you marry me? 😛


    I found the site through “Bits & Pieces” ( Jonco pulls a lot from this site.

    Nice pic, btw. Welcome.


    I’d like to object to the title… very misleading.


    F’ing, NOM


    Gorgeous, thank you.


    Putridity: No, the wookie_x is the Zombie hunter in these parts. I’m just the backup and all around fixit.
    Come to think of it, it was the wookie that Said unto me ” LO, this site is Amusing and full of good things.” He then directed me thus: ” Do not go to these sites, for what I will reveal to you will burn you brain.” And he did show me meatspin and tubgirl…….


    nyokki: See, that’s how it should be done. No posting along for me and the rest of the guys to riddle it out.


    SumoSnipe: Not my fault your parents didn’t tell you the difference between boys and girls. I’m not gonna have to explain the birds and bees to ya, am I?

    Luke Magnifico

    RSIxidor Gary Scenario tiki god Phyreblade nyokki clawoo VanZant

    Samtar, you have made a fatal error.

    The time is ripe to flee.

    Here, take my dirigible.


    Welcome in from lurkerdom Samtar. And thanks for making the internet a more beautiful place.

    Luke Magnifico


    The information, such as it is, that has been reported by our sources up to this point states clearly that DasMaus can at this point be added to the hangman’s list of “fanatics”.

    Many Bothans died to bring us this information.


    welcome- please leave common sense, manners, humanity,…etc.. at the door!


    nyokki: Oh, I learned how the way we all did in the 80’s: Playboys swiped from older cousins. But that was before teh internets and Playboy didn’t know jack.


    SumoSnipe: Ah, I see. You expect all women to begin w/ our measurements and end w/ the wish for world peace. Playboy has clearly destroyed your mind. I’m sorry.


    LukeV1-5: Yep, I regret that I have but one life to give for the cause.


    LukeV1-5: Take your dirigible? ROFL… That’s one I haven’t heard…


    nyokki: Yup. Measurements such as cooking proficiency, humor tolerance index, number of pages memorized from field repair manuals and the Karma Sutra…. these are important!


    You are very lovely. Shame about the alien mind control devices behind you.


    I know someone who got an STD from this chick


    Gods damn this site is strange.

    Lurve it!


    : HPV and the clap count. sry.


    I have finally found it. The most boring thread on MCS.

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