Gretchen Bleiler

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Recently seen in the 2009 Winter X-Games, she has won more halfpipe competitions in 2003, 2005 and 2006 than any other female snowboarder.

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    It’s the ‘roids. Look! They even fucked up her legs. All out of proportion and shit. She’s still nom nomable though.


    Maybe it’s cuz she snowboards, smart guy.


    I adore her so much. She’s one of the people that made me want to start snowboarding. I’m not that good at it but fucking hell it’s amazing.


    Say what. It’s not that hard to figure out that professional snowboarders have legs like that.


    @rompSku: I find it peculiar one could look at this girl and even have the word roids come to mind… I mean did she just take stair-roids? (bad pun sorry) what’s the roid market like these days? Are there shoulder roids, ab-roids and Ceps-roids (I know there’s A-rod roids)
    but how did she isolate her legs? perhaps dieAntagonista‘s right and it’s the snowboarding

    Luke Magnifico

    I’d like to….pipe her…half.

    Wait. Wait. No.

    I’d like to…X her Games?


    @LukeV1-5: Half pipe grind?


    Don’t know anything about her, but sure wouldn’t mind taken her to the peak.


    Let’s see how she does on my full pipe.


    I’m thinking th third pic should be the one besides the “To Gretchen Forth” entry in the Urban Dictionary…


    Top pick. I want that shirt. Bad.


    Very sexy.


    @Dublin0: that looks like a nice tan, but somehow i feel as if it’s not real


    oops wrong quote, ment for dieA


    @rompSku: As someone with thick legs, I would like first dibs at kicking you in the teeth.

    There are infinite mixtures of body types for women… stop trying to make us all into barbie, douchehead.


    Her legs are out of proportion. They are in no way in proportion to my body. This must be corrected immediately.


    But wait, Joe, that doesn’t make any sense.



    Her tan is real. That’s the kind of tan you get from lying in a bikini on the top of a mountain. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.


    I thought it was quite clever.



    On proportion:
    I think what I want is not proportion. I remember now. Its sex. I want her legs to have sex to my body. That sounds more accurate.

    On mountains:
    You can come with me and her to the peak.


    @dieAntagonista: I am going to have to see proof. 😉


    i like the gradient tan, only notice the gradient from now, from legs to head, it’s pretty awesome. Too bad holland don’t have any mountains.

    She’s like the best. Very pretty, sexy and she cares about global warming.
    Gretchen Bleiler Interview: The Cool Warmth of Winter.
    Blink 182 Tom: Life After Blink.