Gay son denial

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I think someone slightly fails at parenting.
More here.


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    That’s freaking awesome, I mean it’s likely fake, but hilarious none the less


    Wow…. Just… Wow…


    Stupidity at its finest

    Dublin0: Likely fake? you sound like the idiotic mother. Im sure there is someone out there with nothing better to do than fabricate posts by closed minded bible thumpers.


    I caught my son blowing a guy. He must have a secret girlfriend who he is practicing for so he can tell her how to do it better. But he’s not gay!


    Wow. Because what the parents teach the kid makes him gay or straight. When will people like this realize that it’s not their place to worry about their kids’ sex life? It’s creepy!



    No he doesn’t. People have been creating fake questions all over the place and on many sites. While this one is probably fake, he didn’t claim that it isn’t realistic.

    What’s your problem with scepticism people.


    camusapprentice: Yeah, because Dublin is just way off base here to be suspecting that a troll is lurking on Yahoo Questions.


    i agree with dieA
    srsly campus. are you new to the internets? sure there are super retarted religous fucks out there, and in this world this is a fifty fifty chance that this is real. i can tell youre new to MCS, seeing as youre member number over 5000 this has been happening. its an ammusing form of what we call trolling. and trolling is often frowned upon in the internet.
    and in defense of dublin: you sound like an angry overreactant athiest, apprentice.


    MrElzebub: i love you.
    She thought him about abstinence, but screwing a girl in his bedroom is not worse the humping a fellow in the bum or being porked himself.


    FlyingMantisShrimp: wholeheartedly agree, btw


    LOVE my peeps,
    dieAntagonista: You’re awesome
    FlyingMantisShrimp: Love the sarcasm
    TrikYodz: Holy shit I’m embarassed I’m 5383

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Considering the user ‘Bethany’ has submitted 1 single question (that one) and not had any activity since I expect that it is indeed fake.

    Or maybe her son got some gayids on her computer and she hasn’t been able to use it since posting that?

    If it IS real the last person to tell is her pastor.
    He allllready knows. 😉


    camusapprentice: Yes, there are a LOT of people out there with nothing better to do.


    Dublin0: meh, you dont say dumb things that constitute making fun of your register number.
    on a completely different note:
    lol 5383.
    jm jm


    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: Your absolutely right the last person to tell is the pastor, she should tell the priest. (bam old news I know, I know)


    Don’t judge based on member#. I’m over 6000 (I know, lol), but I recognize the likelyhood that the Yahoo question fake, albeit, possible. 😉


    erock11: Haha fucking newb
    numb7rs: Have you gotten your profits sharing check yet???

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    um…yup that was the joke, dude. Pastors fuck boy anus too.

    But who among us doesn’t? Right? No? Nobody? dieA? Ass? No?


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Can I?



    ZOMG there you go again !!! Nothing izreal !
    Whatchya doin’ bringing in scepticism when Religion and sexual tendencies are at play !!
    Are you mad ??!!
    This cannot end well !


    It smells fake, as a true religious zealot like her wouldn’t consider the option her child is gay, nor would she make a statement about it. Its the additional details part that proves the fakery.


    Oh shit mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: Literally just one-up’d you numb7rs: Veteran fight!!!



    How much do you love me? Can I paint a heart with your blood on my wall? Please?

    mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that.


    What’s my member number.


    RSIxidor: 55378008


    lets hope its fake, theres already too many guys and not enough illegal firearms around to deal with them all


    Oh, good. Thanks.


    RSIxidor: just kidding it’s really 950, (bad texas instrument joke sorry)


    haha you meant to say gays- haha typo’d.

    yeah, this obvious fake has been floating around /b/ for a a while.
    It’s always a little disappointing to /b/ leavings surface on M[c]S- I like to think the intelligence level is higher here, at least on average.


    God will love the son even if he is a pole smoker. Unless I’m wrong, then he’ll burn in the ever lasting flames of hell…


    Blinded by religion…. how can these people function?


    ROFLMAO… Well on the positive side, she needn’t worry about him getting anyone pregnant…

    Annarchy: I understand your personal views on the topic, but it *is* a parents responsibility to teach thier children about responsibility, including, but by no means limited to, responsible sexual activity.

    Not necessarily to tell them what their sexual preference should be, but to try and teach them how to avoid making stupid mistakes that they may all have to suffer for the rest of thier lives.

    If he were an adult, and not living at home, it would be one thing, but the fact that this kid is still not legal, and living with his parents, give them all the right in the world to be concerned about who her son is sleeping with, and more importantly, why he is hiding anything from them.

    That said, if this were actually a real person, that would be some seriously jacked up parenting. But then again, life is often stranger than fiction. I always find it particularly interesting how people can state, unequivocally, that they are “good parents” as if there is some universal parenting test they took and passed with flying colors…


    dieAntagonista: I’m going to say that I’m a pessimist about this being fake because no one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of American people, and especially bible-thumpers.

    Whether or not this instance is fake does not change the fact that the reality of it is depressing, awful, and a little funny.


    I love my dead, gay son.


    “Whether or not this instance is fake does not change the fact that the reality of it is depressing, awful, and a little funny.”
    WTF??? such contradiction creates another sad reality… believe what you want to if it makes you happy, like a 9th grader watching wrestling it’s just easier to let you get lost in the illusion no matter how blatantly obvious the fallacy is. So yeah bro it’s really really sad


    This is FTW. Whether or not it’s a fake so doesn’t matter because there ARE people out there asking these sorts of questions… which is down right terrifying if you ask me.


    MrX: Win –iff she had found a bottle of mineral water in her room there would be no room for denial.


    *his* room


    if* –JEEZ M CROW

    Alec Dalek

    If it was a fake, they would have posted more than once. This is real.


    AlecDalek: Noooo, now our association of UID and intelligence system is screwed all to hell, SONS OF DEATH!!!

    If the real Alec reads this please know your little brother was playing on your MCS account trying to make you look foolish.



    Hmm, well i am looking at this post here where a man claims to be a reptillian cow. There is only one post so this is real.


    I’m on the fence with this. I could see it equally as being a troll (who should consider a career in journalism) and for real, because sadly, I went to the school with kids who had parents who were that fucking retarded.


    thelotuseater725: Word.

    But hey, I bet if someone had posted a yahoo question that showed atheists in a bad light, of course it would be fake.

    Humans are amusing.


    dieAntagonista: Fantastic approach


    Crap, who posted this, Dang it mom …


    Because atheists never impersonate christians with the purpose of defaming the character of a group or to remove philosophical validity, right? No, they are always respectful and reasonable to those of differing opinion/belief. And they would NEVER EVER sink as low as anonymously posting as a disillusioned christian mother who thinks finding gay porn in her sons room is a sign that he is fucking his girlfriend.


    He doesn’t need his little brother to help him.



    Humans are amusing, especially the really closed minded ones who pretend to be open minded.


    Including close minded atheists



    Whoa whoa whoa. Are you trying to say that there are atheists who can be close minded?!


    Someone is going to get sodomised in hell real good.


    Dublin0: I think you missed the point there.

    dieAntagonista: While there are plenty of rational-fails out there, at least atheists aren’t de facto objectors to reality and facts.

    The same can’t be said of any Christian.

    Anyway. I live in Georgia. This shit happens all the time. My aunt burst into tears when she heard I was dating a black woman. (I’m white, PS.) We’re broken up now, but my mom still throws it in my face like it’s something to be ashamed of.

    To those of us privy to this kind of self-denial, dangerous, awful parenting every day of their fucking lives, things like this aren’t funny because they do happen.


    thelotuseater725: if you think “Nice Approach” that’s helping, I believe the intended context was a compliment not a barrage of assistance… but hey get personal if you have to JR.


    I think MCS may be coming a place where people no longer fully understand what the other people are saying. Its possible that everyone here who seemed to be insulting was only trying to be funny, and everyone trying to be funny may have actually been intending insult.



    What the fuck are you talking about.

    There are over 6 billion people on this planet, and every single one of them believes in a different kind of reality.

    Your argument is so weak, I don’t even know why I’m replying.

    So you are saying all Christians are automatically objectors to reality and facts? In what miserable world do you live. There are Christian scientists, doctors and more, with whom you probably agree on everything except that there is a god.

    That a god doesn’t exist isn’t a fact, it’s an assumption. Therefore speaking of facts and reality is very pretentious and there is absolutely no point in doing that.

    As for the whole black woman thing – what does that have to do with anything… ? Your aunt is a piece of shit. The Bible doesn’t say anything against black people. You’re getting racism mixed up with religion.


    I’m going to pretend none of you are real (E-people) and that the words that appear here are the mastermind of Tiki who is actually a supercomputer creating all this shit to look at. He does this so I have something to waste my time with when getting drunk just isn’t enough.


    While he did sound awfully pretentious, I think his main point was the majority of Christians he has been familiar with (possibly Southern Baptist) are in fact the way he describes.

    On the “racism” note, the reason this is only partially valid is because some christians use the scripture mentioning “equally yoked” to include racial boundaries. But that’s stupid. If we’re all made in God’s image, then God must be one hell of a mutt, amirite?

    That said. I didn’t like his arguments either. I poop on them.

    None of this is real. Its all in your head. That means there’s no reason you shouldn’t give us your personal financial information.



    I could use the bible to justify raping little children in the ass, doesn’t mean that has anything to do with what the bible actually says.

    He made it sound like close minded Christians and racists are one and the same – what more do I need to say?


    Yes, I know. I’m not really sure why I cared to explain his point. Probably because I’m bored. VERY VERY BORED.



    So what you are saying is that all christians do not believe in facts or reality? That all christians are idiots much like your mother who ignore reality in order to uphold arcane sociological parameters?

    That’s a pretty closed minded thing to say because the fact of the matter is that ALL CHRISTIANS ARE NOT LIKE THAT. Yes there are plenty of Christians who are like that and unfortunately a large portion of Christians do act and think like that. But for the most part those portions tend to be the most dogmatic and uneducated of the christian populace. I myself am a christian in the sense that i worship christ but by no means do i think evolution is a tool of satan and that gays are condemned to hell.

    Here is a link to the Metropolitan community church. This is A CHRISTIAN CHURCH THAT IS PRO-GAY MARRIAGE. They campaigned against prop-8 in California and they openly support gays/lesbians and even transgenders.

    The first link is an analysis on the bible and Homosexuality. Again it is not written with the intent of admonishing gays/lesbians whateverthefuck. It is quite the opposite.

    “We must read and interpret scripture with the aid of the history and tradition of the Christian church. We must also bring reason—philosophical and rational thought–to bear on applications of scripture to real life situations. And last and most importantly, scripture must be weighed alongside human experience—especially the experience of God’s grace.

    It is time we stopped making an idol out of the Bible. It is time we bring philosophical and rational thought—especially what the sciences have told us about sexual orientation and identity development—into conversation with the Bible. It is time we listen to the experiences of God’s gay and lesbian children who know with all their hearts that God has created them just as they are.”

    That is a direct quote from the above churches website. This church isn’t the only group of christians either, there are multitudes of christians accepting the above information as a valid interpretation of the bible. But you will never hear about these people so long as you keep visiting websites and reading books that stand with the purpose of discrediting the opposing viewpoints. You don’t learn about evolution by walking into a christian run creationism “museum” Just like you won’t learn about the rational non-crazy groups of christians from


    Drunkin: Well, I dunno about the rest of them, but I’m certainly not real…



    “You don’t learn about evolution by walking into a christian run creationism “museum””

    You my friend, are one brilliant motherfucker.

    Please, let me worship thee and thy brain.

    Too bad I wasn’t at the computer last time you logged in.


    It represents a person with the inability to reason outside the box because she’s ill equipped to handle the truth… it’s funny to many because it represents what you want to believe about thousands of Christiana/Catholics out there, and some would brand it as highly probable no matter how illogical it seems.
    dieAntagonista: is right if this were aimed towards Atheists there would be a whole bunch of flack in the opposite direction.
    The common is STUPID people (you’ll find some in every belief or faith/lack-there-of) The variable is the set of rules that person believes
    exploit them not their general group for their stupidity.


    thelotuseater725: dieAntagonista: It’s probably my fault for not taking longer to explain, but I’m only replying here because I feel like you’ve taken my argument much farther in another direction than I intended.

    I’m not saying that all religious people are completely incapable of dealing with any facts or reality in general. I’m saying that by believing in God, you are flying in the face of all evidence that rational thought has provided us. There is no compelling reason to believe in God over rational explanations of the world, and plenty of reasons not to.

    I’m also not saying that all religious people, or even most of them, are racist pricks or homophobes. Far from it. lotus, you provide excellent links illustrating this. However, the most backwards-assed, racist, homophobic, and dangerously closedminded viewpoints like in this post overwhelmingly come from religious backgrounds. Hence my experience with my aunt. Her being religious is not sufficient for her being a piece of fucking shit, but I do feel it is pretty much necessary.

    Anyway, see my last sentence for the gist of my post: Whether this picture is fake or not, it espouses a viewpoint that is both common where I live and tragically, upsettingly depressing. And that post being fake does not change the fact that that viewpoint is indeed real and many people have it.


    Oh, additionally, before someone else strawmans me for this, let me say that I don’t think that religious people are crazy or horrible people, and the statement that they are necessarily at least partially irrational is only an observation that you can universally point to their irrationality. Everyone is irrational, without fail, even the greatest of logicians have their weird paranoias and fundamental flaws. It’s not really so much of a diss on religious people as an expression of their commonality in one factor.



    Rationality does not equal truth. I hope you are aware of that.

    If there is any compelling reason to believe in god over rational explanations is debatable. But it’s completely irrelevant, we could discuss this for days and we would never come to any conclusion. I dare you to try to find two Christians from two different cities who believe in god the exact same way etc. Guess what, it’s impossible.

    As for racism and the like coming mostly from theists – yes I agree with that. But again, it’s completely irrelevant.

    If someone tells you, I’m a Christian, do you automatically assume they’re a racist? Or are you going to base your opinions on his actions? If your answer is the latter, then pointing out how a great amount of racists are theists is completely pointless.

    Almost all the things you stated only help you to divide people into two groups. Which is irrational and cheap in my opinion.

    So about your girlfriend, did you have to break up because of your family or something else?


    dieAntagonista: I’m not sure what’s ‘relevant’ here. If the question is, “Do parents like this actually exist?” Then yes, it is quite relevant. I’ve had the misfortune to meet many of them. If the question is, “Do all religious people believe in irrational things sometimes?” The answer is again yes. If the question is “Is it better to be rational than irrational?” Then I will say that provably yes in every single situation besides what God you do or don’t believe in. Parents should be rational, political leaders should be rational, and in either of these cases religion can rarely help.

    I feel like someone is trying to assume I’m making a broader point than I am. I was merely defending atheists on the accusation of being closed-minded. It’s my personal thinking that atheists are dangerously closed-minded at a far lesser rate than theists. That’s a hard claim to back up, but I feel it’s even harder to dispute. This is why I said “at LEAST atheists aren’t de-facto irrational, even if some are closed-minded”.

    No, we broke up because she was a crazy, crazy harpy and was also a cheating slut. This had nothing to do with her being black, but try explaining that to my family.



    There’s only one problem: where did you see anyone say that parents like this don’t exist? Nobody said anything like that.

    And nobody said all atheists are close minded either. I was merely pointing out that atheists can be close minded. What’s wrong with that? I have met a lot of people who immediately approve of an atheist just because they’re an atheist. I’m sure you agree that that’s idiotic.

    Even on this site there is a guy called Kommissar, he is a Nazi and thinks Jews and Blacks should die – and he’s an atheist. Does that have anything to do with atheism? No. Is he a bad person even though he is an atheist? Yes. You see what I meant now?

    “It’s my personal thinking that atheists are dangerously closed-minded at a far lesser rate than theists.” – see, it’s when you say things like that, that you lose a good portion of your credibility in my eyes. Please, find me one example in your day to day life, where this assumption has helped you in any way.

    I for one would never judge people like that. I have never looked at a group of atheists and said, hm, these people are less likely to go batshit insane than any other Christian.

    Yeah, sorry about your former girlfriend in that case.


    RSIxidor: Yeah, but then the supercomputer would steal all my zeros and ones. “Sometimes I feel like a figment of my own imagination.” Lily Tomlin.

    Relative to topic.
    “Our ability to delude ourselves may be an important survival tool.” “Why is it when we talk to God, we’re said to be praying–but when God talks to us, we’re schizophrenic?” again…Lily Tomlin. A comedian…





    RSIxidor: Oh sorry, I failed to notice 🙁 I’m kinda out of it today.


    “by believing in God, you are flying in the face of all evidence that rational thought has provided us”

    I must violently disagree with you there sir. I have always believed that science does nothing more than explain how god most likely does what he does. For example i am an Old-Earth creationist. I believe that it did indeed probably take thousands/millions/billions of years for our planet and life on it to come forth. Now the reason i believe this is not only because of Scientific theory/fact but also because in the Direct hebrew translation of Genesi it starts off saying that “the earth was void” Now the hebrew word for void also meant ” destroyed” so the scripture can be read as ” the earth had been destroyed.” To me would suggest that some sort of violent cataclysmic event that destroyed the planet, or a mass extinction, all of which we know have happened and can support with scientific evidence. Same thing with evolution and DNA. We know that evolution ( if it is indeed 100% fact) occurs via genetic mutation/adaptation. To me it sounds awfully convenient that DNA knows how to magically change to suit it’s surroundings. There is no way a bunch of nitrogen and glucose is sentient. Again i am not arguing that genetic evolution doesn’t take place, we know for a fact that it does occur on one level or another. Whether it is the definite way ALL life came about is another argument completely. Now it is also completey possible that the random genetic mutations that would eventually create life and intelligent life like you or me really did happen because of god. “How so” you may ask? Well if we take the old-earth creationist theory into account we know that the bible says that it took god “ages” to create the “new earth” providing this interpretation of the bible is true then we can safely assume that during these millions or billiions of years life was evolving as god was doing whatever the hell he might have been doing. To be scientifically and skeptically rational we can also assume that although the earth was destroyed, there very well could have been life that had not been extinguished and needless to say allow for older organisms to continue evolving. Now you may ask ” well according to your theory the bible doesn’t say that there was life that survived, so you are wrong! By your theory life was still spontaneously generated by god not evolution” Well that may be true but did you really expect the guy was writing that part of the bible to say ” in the beginning there were single celled organisms and complex organism that through a series of natural selection, mutation, random genetic drift, and gene flow that eventually created the early templates for the evolution of man and other complex organisms.” let alone for him god made man from the dust of the earth” And that wouldn’t be too off now would it? Current evolutionary theory suggests that the over all basis of life was spontaneously generated from the “primordial soup” and after all, what is Dna made out of ? Nitrogen and Glucose mostly and if i remember biology correctly all life on earth is carbon based, all of those elements which are found in the “dust of the earth.”
    Sorry if i went off on a tangent/spiel. I just wanted to demonstrate that there is no reason to toss out rationality and scientific fact in order to believe in god. And there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for Evolutionary creation to not exist within religion, nor for science to not be part of religion.

    This is how i personally see the whole Science vs Religion debacle.

    As our knowledge of science advances so does our knowledge of god. That is the way i see science vs religion. God needs science in order to exist and science needs god in order to be applied.


    I like you. You’re a good guy.


    RSIxidor: Hey, BACK OFF. I discovered his genius first.


    So how about your brain and my brain… at my place? Yeah sound good? I agree.


    I’ll take two big responses, since I got two big responses, in response to… well, you see.


    No one said those parents don’t exist. I’m making an ancillary point; I don’t think the above post is funny, nor do I think the fact that this may be a fake have anything to do with the content, since these are viewpoints that real people actually have. So if you laugh at it, you’re laughing at these people, and if like me you wish people wouldn’t remind you that sick, twisted, voluntarily mentally handicapped people raise our next generation of human beings. Anyway, on atheists.

    I don’t understand your standard that an assumption has to directly help me to be ‘valid’. I DO think it’s interesting that the most frequent damaging mindsets sprout from minds that are also theist, a point you agree with. I can’t prove any cause outside of correlation, but correlation can indeed raise suspicion of cause. I suspect that insidious and pathological mindsets can more easily and further exercise themselves in minds that are ‘faith’ based as opposed to at least striving for an ideal of complete rationality and critical thinking. Though this is why I think that religion is, in general, not a good thing don’t jump the gun and presume I think that everyone who is a theist has an awful mindset. Nor that atheists don’t. But judging on the data and correlation, if you have a sick mindset you are likely a theist. This is distressing, I hope you’ll agree. And I also think it’s an important mindset to remember when dealing with people.

    After all, if someone is in fact a racist, it’s good to know both THAT they believe in something and WHAT they believe in so that you can deal with them better. I’m willing to bet black people have appealed to white Baptist racists on religious grounds in social situations many, many times to great effect.


    thelotuseater725: See, man, first off let me say that I’m not attacking your intelligence. Plenty of people WAY smarter than me believe as you do, and plenty of people WAY smarter than me believe the way I do. It’s a matter of perspective, so don’t take me the wrong way and go into this with an open mind.

    It feels to me that you are filling in the gaps of scientific theory with your God. Historically, many many people have done this, with people in Newton’s age saying, “OK, well, that sort of explains gravity, but God still makes the clockwork of the universe go, right?” So far in human history the only thing we’ve shown conclusively is that God is never a sufficient explanation for these phenomena and that it has ONLY happened that the gaps were filled with science when they are filled, and NOT vice-versa.

    It’s like you’re accommodating God into a scientific framework. Why do you have to? Isn’t it much simpler to say what I do, which is, “I cannot prove that there is no God, but I also know that explaining phenomena with God is antiethical to progress and defeatist, so instead of writing it off as God’s hand we should work on the assumption that there are natural, rational causes and then seek to find out what those are.” Mankind has never benefited from relying solely on God as an explanation for phenomena, and has consistently (and some would say, universally) benefited from rational explanations.

    Why is God necessary when science would be sufficient? Why do you have to go with an explanation that doesn’t gain you anything? Yes, indeed, there may be a God out there beyond the Pale or whatever, but if He interacts with our universe so far we haven’t found a single conclusive instance, and if you assume that He does, then you are standing in the way of at least potential progress if you happen to be wrong.

    Oh, finally, on this point: Same thing with evolution and DNA. We know that evolution ( if it is indeed 100% fact) occurs via genetic mutation/adaptation. To me it sounds awfully convenient that DNA knows how to magically change to suit it’s surroundings.

    I highly recommend River out of Eden by Richard Dawkins, professional asshole. Asshole though he is, he is very articulate on evolutionary biology. DNA does not ‘adapt’, species over long periods of time adapt, in the sense that failed genetic mutations die off and successful ones continue to live. What you’re referencing is a misconception of evolutionary biology– don’t take offense! No one is an expert on everything. I know my math and not my chemistry, and I know political science but not sociology.


    I made this as a joke


    thelotuseater725: That’s the best and most cohesive explanation I’ve heard by anyone trying to incorporate theism and science together and get creationism and evolution side by side.
    I’ve never understood most atheists’ insistence that theists are fundamentally flawed and ignorant. I’ve met very few religious people that I dislike specifically for their religious views and beliefs, the ones that I have met and disliked are very specifically of the Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson persuasion. I know I’ve said it may times but I’ve come to realize over the years that most atheists are angry atheists and I’m not. It was simply the way I was brought up. I’ve never been betrayed or let down by religion. I guess I feel about angry atheists the way your church feels about fire and brimstone religious zealots. I feel sorry for them, that they walk around w/ so much hate that it skews the perception of life. I’m an atheist, you’re a theist/deist and dieA is a determinist but we all see things in a similar light and can enjoy our lives in similar pursuits.


    no offense taken, conversations like this keep my wits sharp and percieved facts corrected.

    GOD DAMN IT I HAD A REALLY FUCKING GREAT RESPONSE TO YOU AND THEN I HIT MY MOUSE ON THE FUCKING BUILT IN BACK BUTTON.GOD FUCKING DAMN IT….sigh, maybe there is no god, or he just wants to be left alone and made me delete my shit.

    I’m not going to type it out again because it was fucking huge and i need to go to bed, so i will give you a really short answer that doesn’t cover everything.

    Basically what you said i actually agree 100% with you on from a scientific stand point. But even though i agree with you i feel that you might not see the duality of such facts and statements. I’ll give you a better answer in the forums tomorrow.


    I agree with that. But a parent being nearly obsessed with their child’s sex life and if their kid is gay or straight is just creepy and wrong. I’m not understanding why it’s mom or dad’s business what team junior is batting for. (Had a concise response typed out last night then my connection went *poof* before I clicked submit – DAMN!!)


    thelotuseater725: I agree. 100% Extremely well said. *bows*

    I think any good parent should know *everything* about their kids. What their favorite foods are, who they hang out with, what they like to do, where their favorite hang outs are, which side they are batting for, etc, etc, etc.

    Not only should that be a matter of course for any parent who really cares about thier kids well being, I believe that being nosy is actually a requirement for good parenting. A very annoying one, but a requirement nonetheless.

    Now I really don’t condone parents obsessing over anything, however I find that what many kids consider obsession is not truly obsession. Most kids just don’t like the fact that their parents pry. Some parents do it better than others. And some do actually obsess. But to a degree, it’s part of the job description.

    I’ll grant you there are many parents who would be taken aback to learn their children are not batting for the traditional team, and I do not believe a parent has the right to attempt to influence that decision. However I do think they have the right, a responsibility even, to know what is going on in their childrens lives. At least until they are old enough to take care of themselves.


    Since the son is still living with his mommy, I will give you the point. He’s not old enough to take care of himself and his mom should be worried about him. She should also consider teaching him how to take care of himself. That is a parent’s job. The nosiness can be helpful, but it shouldn’t be necessary if your kid is smart.


    Annarchy: Indeed. Smart kids do simplify things tremendously. Actually I find some of the smarter ones have a great open relationship with their parents, and are fairly forthcoming about things, which does make the prying largely unnecessary. But it only works with open, honest relationships.

    But smarts are not a good substitute for experience. Even smart kids are still kids, and will make a lot of mistakes. The point of good parenting should be to give them the mental and emotional tools to enable them take care of themselves. Some of them just get there faster than others. So it still pays to poke and prod them every once in a while… 🙂


    Phyreblade: What you said… I like it… a lot. *thumbs up*

    (really, you just made me feel good about my parenting skills and how awesome my kid is 😀 )


    Parenting: A tricky job. 3 totally different kids, 3 differing parenting roles, for me. I’ve always considered our (hubby and I) job to be raising kids that are well equipped emotionally, intellectually and physically for adult life, somewhere around the 18 year mark. If you’re involved in your kids life, you’ll already know what’s going on in their life. It’s our job to know more than they do and we have to do all this w/out too many preconceptions about what our kids should be.


    nyokki: Amen.


    nyokki: Great point, case closed

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