Real Life Needler Mod

DSCN4316.JPG (939 KB)

Yes, I made it.

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    Well it fucking sucks!!!


    The problem with this Gun is that Halo wasn’t released on a 16-bit Console system otherwise it’d be great


    Halo sucks!

    Sorry but it had to be said.


    Holy shit man… I thought the thing was going to fire at some point, it never did. Props first for the courage to post this, second for not using Nickelback or Halo’s Theme song as the background music.


    am i the only one who thinks this is cool?
    props for the effort
    even if it has no firepower..


    I’m with Mootea. I note that the people who are dogging on you aren’t saying “Yours sucks. Look at the one I made (link) it’s SO much better.” Well done, man.

    And I fuckin’ hate Halo.


    That thing is gay and I don’t have to make one to say that….FAIL


    I like it very much, I wish I had one. Only the colours are not really my thing. But yea, gotta be authentic and all that right.


    just needed to see it in the dark to see how the lighting turned out. Challenge to the haters: What can you do? Or: do one better.


    Actually I could do one better I’m just not that lame


    It needs more a oval bowl shape to pull it off. And maybe some cheapo purple crystals. Then a metallic spray paint job.


    This better be a rough draft.


    sweet video, i got to see a ninja, also very nice needler


    I liked the first Halo, second one was ok and the third one was utter crap. Oh btw, you get an A for effort but this has you beat


    looks like matel made it

    tiki god

    Oh wow, you liked the second one? The one with half a story and bullshit graphics?

    Halo3 is so vastly superior, I don’t even know where to begin.

    I might start with Griffball though.


    Gotta say it looks pure shit mate.