Quick release bike wheels are not a good idea in the Merseyside area.

DSC00032.JPG (898 KB)

I took this in Huyton train station a month or so ago, made me chuckle.

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    tiki god

    I think it’s a bad idea ANYWHERE that people like bikes. I lost my motorcycle my freshman year at college 🙁


    Thats no bike, its a uniclyce.


    QRs are not a good idea at all if you’re not racing.

    Taking a closer look at the pic it looks like that bike was stolen mainly because it was only locked by the front wheel, there’s no QR skewer in the axle.

    Easy as hell to carry a small adjustable wrench and just whip off the wheel.

    The numbnut had a cable lock, if he had just threaded it through the frame he’d still have a bike.


    I agree with Marrock. This has nothing to do with a quick release wheel. This has everything to do with someone being too stupid to use a bike lock correctly.


    Yeah pretty much. If you’re not retarded, you’d lock up your wheel AND your bike at the same time…not just the fucking wheel. I’m glad that retard got his bike stolen.


    I just shit my pants laughing at this


    reminds me of holland


    Have a nice walk home.


    Bet the thief came back the next day with a cable cutter and got the wheel.


    This picture feels surreal.


    So, you’re all telling me that even if I use a The Club, I should lock my doors?


    nyokki: hahahaahahahahha


    Can anyone get a wheel like that for me? My brand new bike didn’t come with one! Well brand new to me at least. Bought it for 20 from a guy just down the street from Huyton station about a month ago.


    Scouse bastards are Scouse


    LOL scousers


    FYI: that’s not a quick release wheel, that’s a bolt on, so it took the thief a lot longer to steal the bike… long enough that people walking by simply didn’t care.


    : Again…Scouse bastards are Scouse


    Scousers are a race?

    teezy weezy

    Being in the Merseyside area is not a good idea.

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