Vintage Concept Car

2434625204_5d76bc3cfe_o.jpg (579 KB)

Found on DRB

I can\’t decide if I love it or hate it.

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    That car looks sexy.


    and so is the girl!


    I don’t know about the car, but I sure do love the poster.

    Nyokki finds the best retro/ vintage stuff. And that flickr account has some dope stuff. And whoa, the Dark Roasted Blender is even better. I collect posters like that. Hooray.


    “Why buy a imported car” Well I guess ignorance is bliss huh?


    well in all fairness, in the 1960s, American cars were durable, dependable, and damn sexy


    I’d certainly take the original Avanti at the bottom (even if it is a Studebaker).


    The car at the bottom is an 1800-series VOLVO.
    I’ve owned two.


    Is your car date bait? I’ll wait 7 or 8 more years before I answer that question. 1967 and 68 had the most beautiful car designs and American Muscle. I want a Chevy Corvette or Chevelle so bad. More HP the better.


    If the Americans had made cars that looked this cool, they may have staved off the imports for a few more years. The 1970 car stylings were basically Detroit saying “Suck on our shit, America!”


    @nyokki: 69 and 70 were good years too. 307 is plenty of HP too. I want one so bad. Sounds like you guys had good times in those vehicles Nyokki.


    Duh! Stoopid me…That’s what I get for glancing at the pic leaning back in my chair. It is the Volvo…P1800 or something? A guy locally has a sweet black one.


    @nyokki and Puulaai

    I’ve got a (don’t laugh) a ’70 Chevelle wagon with a 454 that looks like a felony traffic stop waitin’ to happen and a ’70 Nova with pieces of a 427 big block waiting for a certain alignment of the planets before it finds it’s way into the engine bay 😛


    Sigh. got to drive a 69 Coupe DeVille for a summer job when I was 17….man I wanted that barge.
    @marcuserektus: damn fun project you have in the wings.


    Judging from the bumper, that it likley a P1800 Jensen (made in the U.K. and very problem-prone) or maybe a very early 1800S (made in Sweden and will run forever unless it rusts away).

    I stick to the 120-series Amazon models, personally.