Old Timer

13355a_0.jpg (828 KB)

This is someone I\’d have loved to talk to.

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    Me too! He looks kind of like my grandfather. And I want that hat. And this picture is fantastic and Shorpy is an absolute amazing site.

    Rainbows and kittens.


    It took me three views to realize what the hell Shorpy was.

    I love this image. Its got everything I could want. Barrels, a nice hat, a tree growing far to close the house, a house, and what appears to me to be lava running down the sky on the left.


    I’m sure my grandchildren would want to hear nyokki’s stories also.

    “Back in my days I went to one of those website things and daydreamed about talking to dead people. Nowadays you just re-animate the dead person and talk to him with your stupid technobabble, where’s the fun in that? You have it sooo easy I’m tellin’ ya.”


    @RSIxidor: Yeah the lava does add a nice old school homey touch doesn’t it…