Who drugged my drink?

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    This is making me ill. Well, off to lunch.


    Don’t forget to have your glass of tap water.


    Drink tap water and cure your strep throat, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, headache and some forms of cancer, all for free. Nice.


    Flow: For The Love of Water. Watch it.

    Bottled Water is tap water. It’s a huge scam.


    What? There’s no LSD, marijuana or alcohol in my water? What kind of crappy country is this?


    i know when i drink tap water i fall asleep and wake up with a raging hard on. so i guess this makes sense.


    Americans should be healthier and more fertile than ever, according to this. And, yeah, where’s the real drugs in my drinking water, dammit?


    @Puulaahi: I have no idea where your tap water comes from, but even just switching between the aquifer I live on and normal tap water I can taste a huge difference, never mind Poland Spring.


    @Puulaahi: That was on 60 minutes like 12 years ago.

    I still drink bottled water because there’s no telling what sort of gunk might be in the plumbing. I was sick for three years from bad bacteria that was growing and living in the pipe (the water source was fine but was heavy with iron and calcium). We pulled the pipes out and an inch and a quarter pipe was so filled with black ooze that my pink barely fit in it. Yuck.


    In St Louis, the tap water is wonderful. The Mississippi river does most of the cleaning for us, so if you just let it sit most of the junk gets trapped in the mud on the bottom.

    But not in St Louis county. The water is gross out there…


    @Puulaahi: You’ve mentioned that too many times… I’m no longer interested in it. :p


    @outofocus: “That was on 60 minutes like 12 years ago.”

    Sounded like you needed it clarified.:)


    @Puulaahi: What?


    source plz plz plz???


    I thought naproxen was a muscle relaxer. I guess that is the same thing as a pain reliever?


    Even if it’s the same, I buy gallons of water, I rarely drink tap water, and the times I do it’s because at my friend’s, they don’t buy distilled water.