REPO: The Genetic Opera

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One of my favorite Musicals ever.

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    you know you want it baby geneco’s got it!


    Haven’t seen this yet, but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for weeks and… damn. I love it.

    It seems the man who cured the globe cannot stop his own extinction… But I can go out with a bang!


    It was awesome. That reminds me I need to get it on DVD.


    🙂 I saw this at the After Dark Film festival in Toronto. Terrance something was there. He was the gravedigger, also writer/director. As well as some others from the cast. Great movie, but finding it on DVD is a pain, it’s sold out everywhere.


    Giles from Buffy as Repo Man? Hell yes! He was the best in the film along with the grave robber imo.


    Huge fan, definatly worth having in the collection


    You guys can’t be serious. This was CRAP. Complete, utter, unmitigated crap. As in all musicals, you’re supposed to sing ONLY when the character is an expressing such strong emotion that speaking alone simply won’t do. REPO! is 90 minutes too many of forced rhymes and cliches, packaged with faux-goth sex. Throw in a Paris Hilton and the girl from effing Spy Kids and you’ve got yourself a *real* winner. Honestly, it’s like they locked themselves in a room and just watched Rob ZOmbie Movies, Rocky Horror and Rent alternately for a month straight and then went, “oh fuck, deadline”… Read more »

    “As in all musicals, you’re supposed to sing ONLY when the character is an expressing such strong emotion that speaking alone simply won’t do.”

    It’s called opera/operetta dude look into it. It’s right there in the title. Repo! the genetic opera. Also welcome to rent, les mis, joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, and miss saigon for starters. All tony award winners or nominees.


    I pretty much agree with you. Shitty movie other than the lead. The writing was pretty pathetic. I sat through it though because of Giles, and the grave robber was decent.


    @Kero: he was the director of the stage show. Darren Bousman directed the film.

    @janits: at least the Alexa Vega is hot? and can sing? enh.. there’s no pleasing some people.


    : tisk tisk, Asinine & I are attacking IDEAS, you are attacking PEOPLE, and strangers, at that. (Not to mention, I’m pretty sure Asinen is male?)
    I forgive you because I remember how violently we Gen Y-ers all defended Rent & Ave Q. For the record though, Mama Mia is teh suck ;-}

    : hotness is a given, the singing was fine throughout, esp “Meg”, the actors did the best they could with what was given. What can I say, I am a hardcore SAW fan and expect more from those boys.


    You win the internets, yay.