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AKA Tasmanian Tiger

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    Holy mother of fuck.

    More like, Crocolazebra.


    I did a report on these in 2nd grade.


    That looks nothing like Taz…


    long jaw is looooong.


    @erock11: Taz is a Tasmanian devil… not tiger.

    Anyway… weird thing is these things are officially extinct, but sightings are pretty common… *Xfiles music*


    fuck dat shit, mon


    Yeap… extinct


    I don’t they are extinct, but I do know that the entire species is having problems with some nasty tumors.




    This guy thinks they are and he’s some sort of Zoooligist

    (I spell it this because otherwise it would not be pronounced correctly, the “dictionary” [pfft] spelling is Zoologist with only one “o” however it is typically pronounced zoo-ol-ig-ist and therefore needs the extra o to complete both the long and short vowel sounds present.


    @RSIxidor: I thought it was pronounced like zoh-ologist.

    Luke Magnifico

    I always thought it was Zu-ologist, but there are not enough Os.


    I guess I was only protecting my own interpretation of reality, not the one commonly held.

    Has an audio thing, though I’m not surprised to see Nyoki right. I just got lurned.


    ok.. so what really is it? I havent heard of a Taz Tiger before…


    Basically it is a canine animal that was unique to Tasmania. Named tiger because of its stripes. Went extinct due to over hunting. Sightings do occur but people sight bigfoot and aliens too. tasmanian devils are very different. Small, black and white and are very ferocious. Will tear apart a corpse in a few minutes and grind through the bones. you want to see something dangerous you dont all know about. Australia is full of dangerous cute animals. Koala. Tas Devil. But one: The Wombat. These things are a little bit like a badger. But bigger, heavier and have been… Read more »


    Negative, not a canine. They’re marsupials.


    my understanding is that all australian wildlife, whether it is creatures or plants, is out to kill you in some way or another.


    @przxqgl: That is quite possibly autralia in a nutshell. Australia. Its hot and dry, we are surrounded by great white shark infested waters, There are snakes and gigantic spiders everywhere. even the cuddly things want to kill you. And our greatest claims to fame are a Huge red rock (Ayers rock) a sea shell building (Syney opera house) and a stingray victim. Thank god i am not a True Blue Aussie. I was just born here. There was nothing I could do. 😀 Oh and our national colours a “Green and Gold” WTF!!! Green and gold. Apparently green stands for… Read more »


    “Cronulla beach” sorry.


    @Putridity: I’m sure all countries have their patriotic boisterous idiots.

    The Tasmania tiger (thylacine) is extinct but the occasional ‘sighting’ does occur. The Tasmania devil does suffer from facial tumours and is vulnerable to extinction if something can’t be done about it.

    I’m on my way to being a zoologist 😀


    @przxqgl: hahahhaa so true… but so far I’ve made it through all 21 years of my life here (AUS)!


    @zalileah: Aye me too.

    Everyone ignore my views on australia at the moment. In all honesty I love it here. I am just in a shitty mood. 10 hour shift in a callcentre will do that to you. 😀

    Will try to take it out on the customers as apposed to you lot from now on :D.

    For the record. Australia is AWESOME.


    @Putridity: Very awesome!

    Ah! 10 hours of jerk customers, I can understand your mood. I’m in Victoria, things aren’t so bad here… mostly…


    I am in melbourne at the moment.
    Vic rocks


    I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, I don’t think i’ll ever move 🙂


    I’m in tassie at the moment … never seen one … I met a guy at falls festival that thought he seen one in the camping area, but drugs tend to do that. 😛

    I do see many many wallabies and possums dead on the side of the road … even around hobart. No joke, weird place.


    @RagE: hahahha classic! I’ve been seeing lots of dead possums around at the moment too.


    Dunno why but the bottom pic reminds me of an anime character… Can’t quite nail which one down in my head… :/


    i saw a dead cow once on the side of the Hume freeway just outside melbourne. beat that!


    @draikyn: I was inside that cow…


    @Putridity: Hah, you probably work for Salesforce. 😛


    i made you a cookie, but i came on it and made my frat boy eat it.


    Lower pic need a lazer shoop.


    @Xp: Nah. I work for a registry company. Shares a crap. tried to get a job with salesforce though. Wish I did… they get to wear casual.