T4 – Terminator Salvation

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    Apparently the goddamn Batman threw a hissy fit on the set, here is a link www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTihsJQHt48 to a remix.


    BowToMe: Oh. My. GOD! Someone famous did something HUMAN?!?!?!?!

    Hey everyone! A famous person did something HUMAN! They had an emotional episode commonly thought to only happen in us “lesser” beings!

    Bahaha… Come on now, who the HELL cares if some fellow had a whine party? Hahaha!!

    Gary Generic

    Lots of actors and actresses do, now and again. Acting is like constantly pitching sales 12-14 hours a day, day after day after day.


    I heard a very cut down version earlier on the radio. Apparently that happened last year. Seems like they’re trying to stir up controversy or something. Hope that doesn’t mean this will suck, cause I’m kinda stoked.


    Acting is more like working 12 – 14 hours during odd times of the day for a year to two years straight. Then going on billion dollar vacations and doing perfect 10 models during your spare time. The shit part is weird people stalking you and reading about every stupid thing everyday because you are a celebrity.

    Actors don’t deserve sympathy. The person working a normal wage trying to pay a mortgage with lots of kids teachers, plumbers, etc… the common person deserves your sympathy.

    I am not going to watch a new Terminator movie especially one directed by McG. T3 was horrible too.



    Yeah, hard working guys, like the lighting guy he yelled at! He was just looking at the damned lights!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    T3 is on my list of movies that are especially terrible because they were so close to being good. One or two small changes and it would have been a worthy sequel. Here’s what needed to be fixed:
    1) John Conner needed to grow a backbone. Sarah Conner went from being a whiny victim in the first movie to being a badass in the 2nd. John should have undergone a similar transformation. How is this guy supposed to save humanity when the only person that he even points a gun at is himself?
    2)Kill Arnie at the beginning. When he’s first shot by the new Terminator, Arnie should have stayed down for the count. Let the human characters fight for themselves, a la T1. You could still have his name on the all the advertisements and his unexpected death would blow people’s minds and add extra edge to the rest of the movie.


    Guswut: Really man, I found this anecdote somewhat amusing and thought that others here, if they share a similar sense of humor(which is fair assumption since they also visit this site) would be entertained. I wish you could have heard the tone that my first post was supposed to be in. Same reason I don’t text…


    T4: The machines are still coming.

    T4: Maybe this time they’ll get it right

    T4: Let’s send another one back.


    Christian Bale is a methd actor and sometimes working yourself into a unstable state on camera will result in a tirade off camera. Get over it. It’s life. Employees get yelled at for doing stupid shit from time to time. He was walking through the scene while they where filming. That is pretty retarded if you ask me. Yes it is human to make mistakes.The guy didn’t get fired over it. It’s not the end of the world.


    If Bale’s a method actor, I’m glad I wasn’t on the set of American Psycho!


    hahaha! I am with ya on that. The cinematographer might have caught a little more than a scolding. Maybe a knife to the sternum?



    i’m glad he flipped out. do not fuck with the goddamned batman. except to say he has the worst batman voice evar.



    If Bale keeps this up he will be a Scientologist like Tom Cruise. Just watch the GODDAMNED Batman will be jumping on Oprahs couch in no time. But I am just thinking negatively.


    Lol, fake poster.


    Puulaahi: I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I really dislike Christian Bale. It’s a very visceral dislike too.


    nyokki: I think he’s a pretty good actor. The guys insanely committed. Lost so much weight that he was skin and bones for one roll and gained tons of weight for another roll following. Every character he chooses to be I believe it and forget he is an actor to. Been that way since I saw him in Newsies too.




    BowToMe: Love it. Dude so full of himself demanding answers and telling people to shut the fuck up when they try to answer? Acting like a spoiled brat, not the godsdamned Batman.


    I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get this poster…? I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

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