Nine Inch Nails – Only (magnetic balls)

Nine Inch Nails - Only (magnetic balls)

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    gayest NIN album evar

    because ballz r touchin


    only a nitpick, but aren’t they kinetic balls?


    @katsushiro: Indeed they are… But how do you know they aren’t *magnetic* kinetic balls Hmmm?


    It’s a Newton’s Cradle. I agree with natedog. Fincher made a awesome video


    @Phyreblade: good point, perhaps they might even be *Germanic* magnetic kinetic balls?

    Gary Generic

    @katsushiro: I’ve seen these before. They’re Tantric Germanic kinetic magnetic balls.


    Gigantic Tantric Germanic Kinetic Magnetic Balls.


    @jediadept: I think the whole think together is kind of poetic


    Lmao. You guys crack me up. Love the song.


    It has a rythm, I suggest moving Tantric to:
    Gigantic Germanic Kinetic Magnetic Tantric Balls


    Poetic Gigantic Frenetic Germanic Kinetic Magnetic Tantric Balls


    wait, re-do! i like this bettar:

    Gigantic Germanic Poetic Frenetic Kinetic Magnetic Tantric Balls


    hmmmm balls… chocolate salty balls.. everybody loves my balls when i put them in there mouth ?!!


    lol I believe you have something there; now just say it 3 times really fast!


    AC/DC w Bon Scott:
    Some balls are held for charity
    And some for fancy dress
    But when they’re held for pleasure
    They’re the balls that I like best
    My balls are always bouncing
    To the left and to the right
    It’s my belief that my big balls
    Should be held every night


    And my balls are always bouncing
    My ballroom always full
    And everybody cums and cums again
    If your name is on the guest list
    No one can take you higher
    Everybody says I’ve got
    Great balls of fire


    AC/DC w Brian Johnson rocks, but I do miss the fun Bon Scott put into his work.

    Jesus Christ

    Concurred that it was the gayest album ever. Pretty Hate Machine ftw.


    Saw NIN live. Spectacular!

    I also went to New Orleans in late Oct. 2000 and had an informal, behind-the-scenes tour of Trent Reznor’s studio that is NOT open to the public…ever. (The place is not even marked to what it is.)It’s located in an old funeral home. Has Trent’s collection of 80s & 90s arcade games. AWESOME! (My buddy used to work for the company that makes Acid Planet software,in Madison, Wi, and had connections to one of Trent Reznor’s touring band members.)