Keeping Cool

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The southern states of Australia have just gone through over a week of 40+ Degrees Celsius – well over 100 Fahrenheit.
A little Koala walked onto a back porch looking for a bit of heat relief.

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    51 Responses ttto Keeping Cool

    1. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      I’ve read those things will fuck you up if you get too close.

    2. suicydking says:

      You may be confusing them with Drop Bears. Those things are nasty.

    3. Elepski says:

      Thats awesome!… I hope he is well off

      You have record heat… the USA has record cold… may be it’s that Global Warming thing that’s NOT HAPPENING!

    4. ogie says:

      major fail on the headline for this…. it should’ve been “keeping kool-ala” ..come on guys.

    5. Sarcastastic says:

      My god, don’t you know not to let them get wet or feed them after midnight?!

    6. Anonymous says:

      @Elepski: Dude, don’t be an idiot. Global warming is definitely happening. The argument is whether the warming is man-made or a natural cycle of nature/solar power.

    7. Gouki4u says:

      Climate change only seems crazy to people because nobody’s grandpa remembers the last ice age. Imagine if people lived their whole lives in a couple of weeks. We would have people denying that season change. Winter isn’t coming!

    8. Whatever.

      If you believe that the doings of humans have absolutely no preventable effect on the environment then go ahead and believe that.

      I say, people are lazy and dirty, nobody wants to change. But if lying to yourself is going to make you feel better, yeah whatever.

      Even if it didn’t have an effect on the environment, our way of living is far from balanced and anything but respectable.

    9. RSIxidor says:


      Thank you for wording, its great.

      The fact is the next ice age will come irregardless of what we do. We probably won’t be able to predict when. That does not mean we shouldn’t try to improve how we live to do just because some major event will happen sometime in the future after we’re all likely dead.

      America’s industrious history has provided a bit of a steamroll effect on a lot of natural resources, while the results are certainly well liked, what cost is reasonable?

      Fuck it, I’m gonna go live on the ocean. I’ll make my own energy with tidal, solar, and wind generators, grow my own little crops, and fuck the rest of you.

    10. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      This disappearing comment shit is out of hand

      I write up something phenomenal and poof again.


      Fuck hippie bullshit. It just leads to more taxes and more crying.

      I have no respect for myself, this planet, or you.

      Everyone is a fag. Let’s get drunk.

    11. iamevilhomer says:

      200 years of industrial revolution damaging billions of years of ecosytem on a planetary scale? yea, sure, i can see that.
      the earth is also coming out of a mini ice age.
      we dont need to save the planet, the planet will be here long after us.

    12. @RSIxidor:

      Aww yeah. The thing with the ocean, that’s what I had planned also. On the other hand, I’d really like to see those domes they are gonna build.

      I know about the whole deal with the ice age.

      But yea it doesn’t matter. This is the only life and only planet I’ll probably ever have. I’d do anything for both.

      FUCK YEAH I’M A FAGGY HIPPIE. Let’s get drunk, yes.

    13. i really didn’t want to comment on this but quasi-evilhomer made me.

      @iamevilhomer: agreed, the earth will be here long after us, but the problem will likely be sustaining life on said planet.

    14. Guswut says:

      What they FAIL to mention is that these images were found on a blood-soaked camera in a completely destroyed house. That last picture was the last thing the camera man saw, although the second picture shows what the girl last saw….

      People need to remember that the cuter something is, the more deadly it is! Heh.

    15. mintymadness says:




      It’s about 100 years old. The word ‘fuck’ you used is also about 100 years old.


    17. Anonymous says:

      @Puulaahi: I agree. It’s idiots like Elepski that think “Damn! It’s winter! That means there’s no global warming!”

      @RSIxidor: 100% agreed. Ocean living is win.

      @dieAntagonista: 100% agreed. Drunk hippy fags are win.

    18. Sikras says:

      Welcome to MCS: Post a picture of a koala trying to cool itself, and you get an argument about global warming.

    19. DasMaus says:

      Irregardless is a word that shouldn’t exist, at face value it means “without a lack of regard”

      ..and I’m very surprised at how long it’s taken for a pedo-bear reference…which this koala inspires with his lustfull look in the third pic as he eyes the little girl and contemplates inviting her in for a cool refreshing dip.

    20. @Anonymous: High5


      I knew someone was gonna say that. I don’t see the problem either.

    21. j_bryon says:

      @mintymadness: My wife says “irregardless” all the damn time! Each time she says it I say, “That’s not a REAL WORD, damn it!!!”…in my head. lol

    22. j_bryon says:

      Oh, its Kwicky Koala!!!
      For all of you too young to remember or weren’t born yet:

    23. @j_bryon: smart for only saying it in your head…

    24. Twee says:

      Yay, super-cute pics!

      @dieAntagonista: Thanks, I didn’t know that. The word “Fuck” is quite a bit older though. Here’s a link, if anyone is interested:

      I will just stick with irrespective or regardless.

      I’ve got nothing interesting or funny to add about global warming.

    25. Anonymous says:

      @Twee: That’s more about fuck than I’ve ever known before!

    26. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      Only people from south Boston can use the word irregardless.

    27. iamevilhomer says:

      do all koala really have syphylis? not that i’m planning to do anything with one.

      @DisplacedTexan : the earth will just host a different kind of life. more than 99% of all things that ever lived on earth are extinct. the planet will continue to evolve, ‘irregargless’ of what we do

    28. Phyreblade says:

      @j_bryon: Just call me teh Kuuul Koala… 😀

    29. @iamevilhomer: that’s an interesting perspective, people are pretty self centered and assume that everything revolves around themselves… it’s just like my favorite quote, ‘everyone thinks they’re special’!

      i have to say that, your use of ‘irregardless’ is completely out of context. basically you’re saying the opposite of what you think you’re saying. bright/not so bright… and you misspelled it.

    30. Elepski says:


      You missed the sarcasm in my comment… and clearly did not view the videos…

      point is.. Koala.. fucking overboard cute.

      100+ in the Southern Hemisphere and massive snow storms in the Northern is a sign of a climate shift. A shift that people have accelerated as it IS a natural cycle that we have fucked with.

    31. RSIxidor says:

      For the record, I never said I was trying to look smarts. There’s a lot of us regular old idiots who like to be nice to the planet, too. Its not just sophisticates and left-wing professors. So citing my failure is a failure as well-ure.

      Yes, the world is going to do what it damn well pleases, but we still have an impact on our own quality of life, and the quality of lives in our ecology. You cannot deny that oil spills don’t effect the local ecology, that pollution pumped to a river does not effect the ecology, that greenhouse gases don’t effect the ecology (yes I’m aware this point is primarily natural, but it does not change the fact that we have an impact).

      On top of all that bullshit I just spouted, the other way human kind in this way has polluted the quality of life is by the growing idea in our societies that the only thing that matters is number one. If you know you’re probably not going to last a century, then you should be able to figure out that you’re not that fucking important. Please quit disrespecting everyone around you just because you have an issue with your relatively inconsequential existence. Be happy with what you got, live to the fullest, and don’t fuck other people over.

      Anyone who’s game can put their sea-fortresses near ours. We can have MCS Pirate parties when people try to join our enclave.

    32. Phyreblade says:

      @RSIxidor: OH, just a quick heads up, I already have a sea fortress, I’m a bit antisocial, and well… how should I put this… it has a point defense system…

      Automated autocannons, (a few used GA-8s I got on sale…) torpedoes and SAM pods, that kind of thing, etc… no big deal, just you may want to call first.

      I’m just sayin’..

    33. RSIxidor says:


      I would never encroach on anyone’s sea fortress without first requesting an audience. Its just not polite.

    34. Phyreblade says:

      @RSIxidor: Well I figured you’d know about Sea fortress etiquette, but just thought I’d stay on the safe side. You wouldn’t believe how many planes have been shoot down for unauthorized flybys in my airspace… And the number of idiots who just waltz right past my “NO TRESPASSING – PRIVATE PROPERTY – LETHAL AUTOMATED DEFENSES” signs and get mowed down by my autocannons is just unbelievable. And those stupid divers! Think they can just swim wherever they please, BAH! Don’t get me started on them…

      People just don’t have any respect these days… :/

    35. Dral says:

      Anyone notice that the little koala was smart enough to drink first, before he sat his nasty ass in the water?

    36. SumoSnipe says:

      I learned my lesson getting the drunken snot kicked out of me by a cute yet wild wallaby. won’t go near a Koala, they gots nightmare claws.
      @Phyreblade: 1 megaphone in the water that belts out “stand by for full sonar test” at random inervals will kkeep away those pesky divers. At least until you train your Orcas up properly.

    37. RSIxidor says:


      Don’t forget the rocket squids.

    38. iamevilhomer says:

      @DisplacedTexan: i used irregardless cause i noticed an arguement about the word. that’s why it was in the ‘ ‘. i saw that i misspelled it, but my laziness overwhelmed me.
      I like the quote, ‘you’re special, just like everyone else.’
      now i’m gonna go eat a burrito. did i misspell anything?

    39. Just This Guy, You Know? says:

      @dieAntagonista: Maybe so. But we’ve had crazy climate change before. During the Roman Empire, the climate warmed to the point where Britain could grow wine grapes. I don’t think there were enough of us to affect the climate then. I haven’t looked at the arguments for or against, because I can’t get over the apparent hubris inherent in arguing that we have that much of an effect on the planet in the long run.

      But I’ll still think it’ll be funny as hell if we’re actually headed for an ice age (I seem to remember hearing somewhere that we’re actually overdue for one.) It’ll suck, but I’ll appreciate the irony while I’m hunting that woolly mammoth.

    40. Twee says:

      @RSIxidor: As soon as I get my sea-fortress, I’m there!
      A friend of mine just had a pirate party for his fortieth b-day. It was sweet. I may finally post to the “post a picture of yourself” forum thread if any of the ones of me as a drunken (there was grog) pirate are worthy.

    41. RSIxidor says:

      Well, there is also global dimming to consider.

    42. stinklesafi says:

      cue superbowl commercial about punching small animals.

    43. Phyreblade says:

      Oh, no I don’t have that problem any moar, I just shipped in a unit of commando pirahna instead…

    44. traptin85 says:

      did you know that they can swim?

    45. Putridity says:

      usually koalas dont drink water as they east eucalyptus leaves which are highly hydrating. (also get them stoned)
      But during last week even in melbourne it reached 43 degrees celcius four fucking days in a row… THAT SUCKED!

    46. Putridity says:

      109.4 farenheit 4 days in a row.
      Stupid fucking desert country.

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