Conform Different – Apple

Conform Different - Apple

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    Yeah, because being one of the less than five percent of the market share means you are the conformist, not the other 95. Nice.


    @Willustration: <owns a mac. Is the problem.


    @Willustration: Sorry, what I meant to say was, “Apple tries to convince people that by buying a mac, they are thinking differently, when really, they aren’t.

    Not being like a billion people, but being exactly like a hundred people, makes you still EXACTLY LIKE a hundred people, regardless of the billion you are different from.”


    ok, lets face it here. The only way you can be a non-conformist with a computer is to build one out of cardboard and duct tape in your garage using only your pinky toes. Otherwise, you’re using stuff created for you, most likely with a bunch of other stuff exactly like it.


    people, it’s lesser of two evils…


    It’s all solved here:


    I meant here. It’s a link if it’s not showing up. Kill me if I’m missing something.


    nothing you own can make you different…only things you do

    Insanely Rational

    @katsushiro: It isn’t so much what you do but WHY you do it. If you do something just because everyone else does it, you’re a sheep. If you do the opposite of what everyone does just because you want to be different, you’re still a sheep, you’re just a stupid sheep.

    If you do something because you’ve objectively and independently analyzed all possible alternatives are decided that one alternative is better than the other, then congratulations, you’re not a sheep. You’re never getting laid, of course, but you’re not a sheep.


    @katsushiro: Sage advice.


    @Zoidberg: As if a MAC would handle a malformed URL better than a PC (or an amiga…) LOL


    The only problem with Macs is that the people who own them can’t shut the fuck up about it. I’m just not cool enough to use Apple products. I don’t live in a loft downtown, I have no piercings, I’m not in a band…I don’t feel like they want my business.


    Apple is 2x as expensive, 2/3 as powerful, and is not really customizable. That’s fine, if that’s what you’re into, but the Apple fans are just soooo stuck up on their “superiority” of being “different.” I have a very good friend who’s a “Mac Genius,” and we go at this all the time. It’s funny, because I’m the Apple target demographic. If hadn’t build computers myself, and can appreciate the power and customization of PCs (or even a bit of a gamer), I’d probably be all about spending way too much money for something that works well because you don’t… Read more »


    Most people have better stuff to do than to argue about which fucking operating system is the best, and either buy windows cos it’s familiar to their office job or whatever, or buy mac because it’s kinda cool and shiny and is the industry standard for illustration, advertising and media work. Lest we forget, computers are not fucking cycles or motorcycles. The problem with PC users is they can’t shut the fuck up about compability or a bigger market share or customisation or BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH. People who can “appreciate the power and customization of PCs” have… Read more »


    I thought this was something about the gays.


    We’re reclaiming rainbows for geekdom, and Mack (who’s in denial about being a shut-in)


    I can’t play Fallout 3 on a mac. PC=Win


    I have a games console for like.. games

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Timmay72: I’ve been playing Fallout 3 on a Mac everyday. You=Fail.


    I’ve never used a Mac in any way. I don’t even know what the differences are.


    try one for a week. you might end up liking it.


    @nyokki: Better yet: DON’T try one for a week. You mind end up being an insufferable jackass.@Mack: Again, if it “just works,” why is there a mac help line?

    Maddox pwned this shit LONG ago.

    PC users admit when their system has flaws. Period.


    @Mack: That’s alright.

    Some people prefer tricycles to motorcycles, because motorcycles are fast and dangerous. At least on your trike you won’t be getting any boo-boos.

    Of course, I have no idea why the tricycles cost twice as much, but that’s just me.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @MacheteJak: Are you saying that someone shouldn’t be informed? If Windows is so great, then clearly trying a Mac couldn’t do any damage? Basically you’re saying the only way that anyone would agree with you is by being ignorant of the alternatives.
    Mac discussions on mcs are a like hearing 13-year-old virgins talk about sex.
    Sex discussions on mcs are also like hearing 13-year-old virgins talk about sex, but that’s a different matter.
    I’m not even going to argument about why you’re wrong. Its sufficient to demonstrate that you’re clueless.


    @ Willustration: Everyone I know has an Ipod or IPhone, myself included. Conversely, No one I know owns a Zune or other portable digital music player. Only one person I can think of runs windows on their phone. Crackberry’s and plams are out there, but no more then Iphones. So I think your percentages are way off.

    Jesus Christ



    Playing FPS games with a pad is the pinnacle of homosexuality.


    What version of windows did you install?
    Does it run smoothly and if so how much did your mac cost?


    @reboot: I’m saying I’ve seen and tried macs, and they are not that great. I’ll take Window’s “error messages about nothing” over that.
    By all means, you’re right. If you haven’t tried one, try one. Be my guest.

    I apologize for a typo in my previous post. I meant, “you MIGHT end up” not “you MIND end up.”

    Seriously, how did I get that far off?


    omg it is almost like a clash of religions. keep cool, it is just about computers^^


    @arminoacid: LOL it’s exactly like a clash of religions, people just haven’t realized it yet…

    Alec Dalek

    @Mack: Console games have nothing on PC games. Anything that can benefit from mouse input plays way better on a PC.

    And it doesn’t count if you reboot your Mac into Windows to play games. Then you don’t actually need the Mac at all. You’re essentially switching over to Windows. If you can’t run the game in OSX, it does not run on a Mac. Suck it!


    @AlecDalek: Indeed… PCs pwn console gaming.

    And the MAC/PC argument is purely aesthetic nowadays, ever since Macs went to Intel architecture, and a Linux kernel, there is little difference. The UI is really the only distinctive feature. You might as well be running a linux box.


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