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This picture is awesome. I used to dress like that at one point. I even had a skateboard. I sold it to my neighbour for 100 Schilling and a Nintendo game.

And the chubby kid in the back is the best. If you didn’t know who Avril was you’d like the picture also.


None of these pictures prove that she can skateboard.


The fact that anybody has this many pictures of Avril Lavigne is a little frightening.

I’m just saying.


Anyone can stand on a skateboard and put weight on the tail and look like they’re about to fall.


And we’re back in:


i hope we do something not avril soon, or im gonna RAAAAAAGE.


i’m sick of avril lavigne, and i’ve skated for 5 years and Avril makes me love it a little less everytime i see shit like this.


@TrikYodz: How does in 1 min sound?


@Puulaahi: sounds excellent.


that kind of series of pictures REALLY need a link to skip all of em…


sorry but there were a lot more lulsy and epic theme days that could’ve been picked…


I guess that is what we get for not :
1)giving tiki ideas for theme day
2)giving tiki enough booze.


If we wanted to see this many pics of Averil then we should google it. But we dont need to clog up the MCS Site. I hate when Tiki does this.


You all got trolled.


hey tiki you should post some pictures of dicks touching next time itd be better than this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttt


Stop posting shit about Avril Lavigne.
jesus christ.


Unfortunately I know Avril Lavigne’s music… that is some retarded shit…


i think avril lavigne is super sexy, and after this many pictures i feel she is forever burned into my soul


Bitches don’t know ’bout my theme day.

Luke sei Vadder

In Germany nobody knows her anymore. I think. or is it just me? Anyway this wil be enough for a while.



I like that you are able to look at it without saying, “oh great, a picture of Avril skateboarding” and can instead say, “oh, look, a photograph with good composition featuring a girl skateboarding, a chubby kid who seems bewildered, a strong vertical line separating the image, and a ton of interesting graffiti imagery to fill out the scene.” (not sure you said all that in your head, but I’m guessing).


oh god please don’t tell me that this month its avril lavigne!!!!!!



It’s almost exactly what I thought. The only thing you missed – the colours are great. I like colour.
And yes indeed. But I had to teach myself that. To be able to look at something and judge it only for what you see at the moment, while completely forgetting every information outside of that moment.

Damn. Did I really just say that? I need to stop talking to people about philosophy. Or I’ll say things like that all day. (I talked to someone earlier about Dadaism)



Dadaism sounds like some weird religion where people worship their fathers. Ha.

I just read the wiki, sounds like the anarchist punks of the early 20th century, though I’m sure its more complicated than that. (Also, realize that “read the wiki” means “read the summary of the wiki and the first subheading”)


@RSIxidor: Haha, uh no. Dada makes you think of dad I know. But it actually comes from Romanian where da means yes. As in yeah yeah, or yeah right. Yes it’s way more complicated than that. But the most important thing is that it completely depends on who you ask about it,. I could tell you theories about what I believe it is for hours, it won’t be the same what the next pseudo philosopher would like to make you think it is. And it’s not a religion. Just an idea, and it makes a nice title for people who… Read more »


She is NOT Punk. Poser!



I had not actual belief it was a religion, just going off the Dada = dad thing, there. Religions often call one or more of their gods “father” of something or another.

I can see that this is another interesting topic that I won’t be able to wrap my puny brain around. I bow before your philosophy-ness. (Not so much bow as just stand there)



Just saying. And hey, slow down with the self deprecating humour there. If you insult your brain, you’re insulting my brain.

Bowing before me isn’t a good idea either. You’d just be looking down on me. Not very respectful. We should just shake hands, and agree on our brilliance, like real professionals do.


(I said in parenthesis like this I was really just standing there, if I tried to bow I’d just look clumsy anyhow)

I’ll work on that “professional” part, but agree on the brilliancy for now.


thank god these stupid fuckin Avril labithchface pics have stoped, I mean come on, what a fuckin wast of good pic space


Avril is a little girl, when she got Punk’d by ashton she started whining and called her mom “mommey i got punked !” really pathetic


LoL. Hope you don’t mind I poached this picture to illustrate a story: