Atari Home Computer Demonstration Center

Atari Home Computer Demonstration Center

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    I have such a raging clue right now.


    I don;t know how to say this but…

    I had one of those fancy ATARI 800 machines. Best sound and graphics ability of the day.


    This chick is kind of cute in a school teacher kind of way, but I have money that says that young man had his ass beat every day of high school.


    @frogurtx: My clue is pointing this way.. —->

    damn when Atari first came out… that shit was cutting edge!


    I still have a working 800 with a few hundred bootleg games on 5 1/4 disks. Still play it to this day, those games never get old.


    @ElGordo: 1. This is from 1980 (I think)

    2. Styles were a lot different then.

    3. This was an advertisement portraying normal people. There were hoodlums back then, but they weren’t thought of anywhere as near as “cool” like todays hoodlums are.

    4. These haven’t changed much compared to modern demonstration centers.


    @ElGordo: that kids eyebrows can kick your ass…

    @casemods: hoodlums are cool? shit.


    : I never could afford the disk drive. And loading from cassettes sure did suck.


    I remember the local K-Mart having one of these displays. One time, when I was 6 or 7, it wasn’t turned on and I asked a K-mart associate to please turn it on and the dumb bitch basically said we don’t do it for little kids.


    Lo, back in the day, I was visiting what was then primarily an Apple retailer, but had this Demonstration Center sitting against one wall, and it was Star Raiders that sold me on this platform.

    Hell I picked up a job afterschool my sophmore year in High School, bagging groceries and such, just to save up enough to buy the 400. Since then I’ve also emmassed quite a collection (albeit currently in storage) but the day is coming soon that I’ll pass it all onto my son.

    : Yeah he got his ass kicked.


    was Atari the platform that had ET? That was the suckiest game ever and I didn’t get another console til Nintendo.


    err *Was*


    @nyokki: That was the 2600, not the Atari 400/800. The 5200 had the same chipset as the 400/800/XL, so look at 5200 screenshots instead of 2600 to get an idea of what the home systems were like.

    I still have my 400. That was such a cool computer. I eventually replaced it with an Amiga 500. That was such a cool computer as well. 😀


    I was into the Commodore 64.
    The load screen from GTA: Vice City made me … Happy!


    @zeblic: I bought a commodore 64 in ’84, I think.


    @j_bryon: Let it go, dude. Let’em all go.


    @j_bryon: Yeah man, back in the day that’s all K-Mart was good for, the Atari station and Star Wars action figures that cost $2.14 (tax incl.).


    Ah… Memories… The Atari 2600 Rocked back in the day…