Avril Lavigne is a boy beater

Avril Lavigne is a boy beater

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    Professor Cramulus


    my one complaint about theme day is that it makes it impossible to scroll back to see what I missed on Jan 30th-31st.

    avril’s cute though. it’s too bad she’s about as punk rock as strawberry shortcake.


    she can beat me off is she insists

    Professor Cramulus

    @tiki god:

    When there’s like 300 pictures of the same chick, from the same shoot, from slightly different angles, I generally just skip it rather than paging through. I prefer the theme days when the content is varied – like when you had people post their pets, or theme days where people could can be creative in what they submit. I like scrolling through those, just not pages of pics of the same person over and over again – no matter how hot she is.