Avril Lavigne Has Mountie Friends

Avril Lavigne Has Mountie Friends

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    I could see this developing into a pron really really easily.


    why is everyone so down on this girl? so she doesn’t make good music. neither do i. at least she’s hot.

    Gary Generic

    @thatonejimguy: Actually, I’m more of the “at least she’s not of the Hilton, Reid, Lohan or Spears persuasion” persuasion.
    Sure, she’s a corporate puppet and her music it bunk, but she’s held it together remarkably well. Kudos, Avril.


    @Gary Scenario: That’s the standard now? She hasn’t become a train wreck…so far?


    she’s a young person whose come into a lot of money. you can’t tell me if a group of people approached you and said “we are going to make you very rich, all you have to do is wear these clothes and hold this guitar” you would turn it down.

    and when a young person comes into a lot of money, usually a drug addiction or something like that surfaces. but avril is just a person that nobody really hears about and she’s rich.

    i’d date her.


    @thatonejimguy: I repeat: Is this now the standard?


    Very much yes.


    who says anything about a standard? and a standard for what?

    all i’m saying is that she’s not terrible.

    she’s hot.

    and rich.

    and hot.