The President has asked for your resignations

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    Hrmm. Wow, another Obama themed post.



    Where in this picture do you see Obama.

    If anything that’s related to Obama is the same as Obama and means it’s Obama themed, then we’re pretty much all Obamafied and Obamas. Even your mom. And my dog. And professor Pölzl.


    Repubs 2001: “Liberals complain too much now that they lost. We’re in power, we can do whatever we want, get over it!”

    Repubs 2009: “WaaAAaaAAaah! This isn’t fair! Stop talking about the new President that’s only been in power for 2 weeks! WaaAAaaAAaah!”

    Second only to ignoring science that doesn’t give them bigger TV screens, the biggest problem I have with Repubs is their massively hypocritical bullshit.

    The Dems aren’t my favorite group either, but at least I don’t fear for my life/the economy when they’re in power.


    Shenanengans! Bush would never employ a witch, he’d have them burned at the stake. Along with any other non-Christian if he had his way.
    ( While GW was Gov of TX, there was a fuss over one of the military bases trying to ban a Wiccan circle from doing ceremonies on base. Bush was quoted as saying that he didn’t think it should be allowed because Wicca is “not a valid religion”. )


    Bush listened to God’s voice in his head. Therefore this makes complete sense.


    why is the door lable printed on the INSIDE?


    @Puulaahi: Most likely his interpretation of God’s voice.


    Obama doesn’t have to be in it for it to be “Obama themed”; one of the themes of the new administration is upending the fractured values of the last one. This cartoon plays upon that theme, and is therefore Obama-themed.



    I was just trying to be funny.

    And to me it seems this is more about Bush than about Obama.

    And I needed an excuse to mention professor Pölzl.


    @rattybad: Careful with that reaching. You might pull something.


    Cute. But I did it first –



    Bahaha. Man yours is even better.

    Your site is bloody hilarious. This one made me laugh so hard I spilled my coffee all over my desk. Yeah it’s late.