The Long Way Out

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The Long Way Out is a short film about Jason (Nick Frangione), an ex-child star and now a struggling actor, who decides that he\’s going to do a documentary, ala Morgan Spurlock, and film himself on a 30-day journey with heroin.

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    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I bet it’ll win at Cannes.


    Ex-child stars and their love for heroin. So predictable. Invest the shit load of money you made as a child and get another job like a normal person would do. You have your 15 min of fame… Who gives a shit. Don’t let a drug run your pathetic life that you led yourself to.


    The poster is designed by Tyler Jacobson. you can see some more of his art here:


    I was about to say, story aside, teh artwork is lovely. Thanks for the link!


    Follow a typical crackhead around, less money wasted, more realism. Really, what’s the point of this film? It ain’t artistic, it ain’t to drive a point home.

    It’s just capitalizing on the Blair Witch Project syndrome.


    the heroin world is only interesting when guns and music are involved, along with witty clever dialogue. but this isn’t “the Blair Witch Project syndrome”, this is older than that. This is the timeless curse of many artists and philosophers alike; the simple morbid fascination of self-destruction. Personally, 30 days with heroin means fuck all without a frame of quantity. Also, Crowley already did this, in his book Diary of a Dope Fiend, and proved that any addiction requires a stagnant mind. This will be a lot more pathetic and dreary. Really, why heroin? I know the darkly romanticized appeal… Read more »


    Didn’t the guy from Jane’s Addiction & RHCP try this once, too? Dave Navarro, I think.

    This is nothing new.


    chase old dragon you say 😛


    My answer to the question: NOTHING. I don’t wanna be famous, I’d kill every fuckin reporter and paparazzi in sight and be jailed instantly. I just wanna be rich, no fame.



    @hvymetal86: How exactly is killing reporters and paparazzi going to do anything but make you momentarily infamous? Still, you should do it.


    @sylvanish: I meant if I was already famous, and hence would have those people swarming me all the bloody time, I wouldn’t be able to control my rage at their and society’s profound retardation with and would lash out uncontrollably. Which would result in bettering the world a tiny bit by ridding it of a few of the mindless fucktards.


    fuck the paparazzi. i would punch billy o’reily

    madhouses visites

    @sylvanish: 30 days of LSD would be damn near impossible because tolerance would develop within the first couple of days.


    @hvymetal86: Ahh, well, I for one would applaud you.

    @madhouses visites: Yeah i suppose. If I was going to make such a documentary, it would be 30 days that aren’t back to back, but spread evenly throughout the year, and then with some vigorous editing, through the immense amount of raw footage, chop it down to 120 minutes of the best moments.