There’s No Such Thing As An Old Junkie – Weed

There's No Such Thing As An Old Junkie - Weed

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    I know old folks who smoke pot, but not other drugs… because pot won’t kill you and other drugs will.

    (play theme to “The More You Know”)


    Cheech and Chong. End of story.


    Tiki, how did you get this pic of me?




    There are plenty of pensioner stoners out there. Doubt they would advertise it for obvious reasons. Don’t think this campaign has done all of it’s homework, although I agree with the coke lady :>


    Viet Nam vets are in their 60’s now……

    Gary Generic

    Smoking weed does not a junkie make.

    Furthermore, no one has ever (EVER!) required a tracheotomy due to marijuana use.

    Whoever made this poster is the reason we were in ‘Nam.


    This is probably some dude with massive amounts of cancer causing him a lot of pain and smoking the reefer is the only way he can relax, increase his appetite, laugh, etc.


    There are a lot of old pot smokers. An old girlfriend of mine (still miss that one…) had a grandmother who’d blaze before she went to bed. One of the coolest older ladies I met.

    Gary Generic

    Simultaneous Vietnam references FTW?

    Tattooed Blondie

    If you look closer it’s just an oxygen mask he pulled off his face so he could smoke. But yeah, smoking weed doesn’t even come close to making someone a junkie… And I know loads of old people that blaze it up!


    if we are talking weed, than this posters ridiculous, I probably know more who are 50-60 and up than my age. Other drugs not so much.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I used to know a doctor ni his 60’s who grew his own for fucks sake.

    Bullshit scare tactics have the opposite of their intended effects.


    Gayest thing I`ve ever seen.
    Were they stoned when they decided this was a good ad campaign?


    This ad is part of the problem. 1. Weed is not a gateway drug. 2. It’s not physically addictive like coke or opiates. 3. Equating pot w/ opiates to a kid is stupid. They try pot, and think “This isn’t so bad, prolly heroin isn’t either.” 4. If addiction is a disease, then a person is likely to become addicted to something…anything. There was a study done (Sweden, I think) on ecstasy that showed it did no harm to the brain after repeated uses and the US never acknowledged it and continued to say that ecstasy done often over time… Read more »


    No such thing as an old junkie, but old stoners are plentiful and rarely grumpy


    @sylvanish: I know a couple of old junkies. I have a cousin who’s about to start collecting social security and he’s been a heroin addict for as long as I can remember, quite a few old alcoholics too.


    @nyokki: Huh. I stand corrected then.


    @nyokki: weed is physically addictive, i have 2 classmates who spend most there money on this shit. and they are in debt everyday 20 euro’s . i would rather say, not everyone can handle weed, some can control like me and dieA ^^ but like my classmates there hooked on phonics with that shit.well study or not i would still not do XTC.


    that’s not weed, it’s crack or something similar


    @nyokki: Weed is indeed a gateway drug. It might not lead everyone who tries it, but for some it relaxes their idea of drugs in general and makes them more open to other experiences. Also it can be a lot more mentally damaging to people who already have a predisposition to mental illness. Also prolonged MDMA (ecstasy)use can actually lead to server depression. MDMA releases serotonin which is what gives the “ecstasy” effect. It is also released naturally when you’re happy, dreaming and many other times. Prolonged use can not only deplete your levels of serotonin but it can also… Read more »


    yea so in english if you have too much happy drug the happy drug will kill the source that produce your happyness. so when that is depleted, you will be sad and depress for the rest of you life. thats why i don’t take it.

    Gary Generic

    Beer and cigarettes are probably the only true gateway drugs.

    I don’t understand why they spend billions on the fight against marijuana yet poison ivy remains legal and free. Now, THAT is a dangerous plant.


    If anything, alcohol is a gateway drug. One time I was completely drunk and thought I was gonna do a line of coke but it was meth instead.

    Then I think I freaked for a solid day and had some of the best sex ever.

    I forgot what point I was making but whatever.

    Alec Dalek

    @Xp: If YOU go to, you’d find that most of what you said is BULLSHIT! Weed is not a gateway drug. Alcohol is. You have no idea what you’re talking about for cannabis and MDMA. GO away.


    All this talk about weed but my first impression of this pic is that the guy’s smoking crack.


    @ColombianMonkey: No, you ah, proved yourself wrong. People with addictive personalities will easily become addicted to anything they enjoy. If it was -physically- addictive, you and most who ever smoked it would also be addicted. Simple medical fact is that there is no biological addiction present. At no point, no matter how much one smokes, will the body ever *need* it. Weak willed *minds* prone to habit are a different thing altogether. @Xp: what the Dalek said. @ColombianMonkey: Sorry buddy, but your wrong again and, while i hope you were just trying to be funny, you are spreading disinformation wif… Read more »


    @AlecDalek: might not be as affecting as cocaine or other gateway drugs but it does have a severe impact on your cravings and body


    @penguin_lady: pretty sure that’s a bong not a crack pipe


    @sylvanish:ure info has brought a new perspective to me. thank you 🙂 but

    where as good weed, even if i was thinking “I really want to trip out on some new experience” I’ll smoke a nice spliff and think “nah, i’m good. but dang if i don’t want some hendrix and nachos…”

    i wouldn’t say it like that but i know for sure that when you enjoy a good weed, you really loosen up.


    Pot is too a gateway drug! It’s a gateway to twinkies and cheetos. And more pot.

    Seriously, though, I have smoked plenty of weed in my day but I have never tried heroin or coke.


    is there any real point?

    maximum fail backed up by the fail crew here in MCS



    Agreed,.. Thats a crack pipe,… not a bong.

    Besides have you ever heard someone refered to as a “weed junkie”? I haven’t.


    the only way pot could kill you is if a ton of it fell on you.


    But what a sweet death that would be.


    @sylvanish: @AlecDalek: ‘Zactly and thank you. The things people think they know (including me).


    Dont forget Willie Nelson


    HB 1177 is a Washington state bill which would make possession of less that 40 grams of marijuana a $100 civil fine instead of a criminal misdemeanor. The tax payer money currently being spent on investigating, prosecuting, and incarcerating marijuana users could be better spent elsewhere. This bill would provide revenue for the government, as well as taking some of the pressure off our overcrowded jails. There are many informative websites that are trying to dispel some of the anti-marijuana propaganda that has been in circulation since the “Reefer Madness” movie of the 50’s. Here are some of those links.… Read more »


    @Xp: prolonged MDMA (ecstasy)use can actually lead to server depression.

    Is that why my internet is so slow?