Calling In Sick

Calling In Sick

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    exactly the reason I don’t have one of those


    lolz.. fail 😀


    that’s exactly the reason why you don’t add every person you know on these it the new way to have show off a big penis, since no one can afford big cars anymore :-D? “Heey I’ve got 500 friends! im a man!!” Bosses are rarely friends.. but you shouldn’t brag about faking a sick day…


    Epic fail, indeed, but at least he was sporting about getting busted.


    major failure.


    HAHA! That’s what he gets for sharing everything online. Idjit.


    Doesn’t a hangover qualify as sick?



    I don’t think a hangover is a medical reason. Overuse of alcohol is something you can prevent, after all. And, really, what kind of wuss is this guy that he can’t suck it up and go to work hung over?


    @Annarchy: I don’t see that it really matters if the illness is a result of over-doing it. If I go hiking on Sunday and break my ankle (in a fall) and call off work on Monday, that would be considered legit. Sick is sick.


    @nyokki: An ankle break (in a fall) would be an unforseen accident while people drinking an entire fifth usually understand a hangover is imminent.

    And at my work, our peeps come in so hungover they go puke in the parking lot and continue to work. If you imposed the illness on yourself, knowingly, I don’t think it should count.


    @Skipper: People almost always are responsible for being/feeling ill. It should not matter what brought it on. This is all assuming that this doesn’t happen on too regular a basis. Most companies have 1 day sick policies which do not require documentation and most allow a certain number of these sick days in a 12-18 month period. Some companies don’t even call it sick day anymore, they’re just personal days.


    I must be the most intolerant bitch. And I’m okay with that. Having worked with vicious migraines, horrible hangovers, laryngitis, etc., I have no sympathy for someone who drank too much. Being hungover is not the same as being ill or having a broken bone in my book.


    @Annarchy: I refuse to allow my job (that I love…mostly) to become more important to me than my life outside work. If I wake up one morning and it’s gorgeous out…SeeYaaaaaaah! I’m calling off. They can call it whatever they want, sick day, personal day, furlough; it doesn’t matter to me because I won’t be there. ;<)



    I totally understand that! In our office, that’s a mental health day.
    I don’t think the real problem is why he called out, though. He lied and got caught, which is really what the core problem is. That and he’s a wuss.

    Luke Magnifico

    @nyokki: The hell’s a furlough?


    @ LukeV1-5

    I think it is just made up gibberish, whish is the entire point I believe he was making; that they could call it absolutely anything (even made up) and it wouldnt matter.

    ++ to him being a good sport about it


    @LukeV1-5: Furlough is permission given a prisoner to leave the prison temporarily.

    General X

    The fact is that if the contract says that he can call in sick for one day and not bring proof of illness than even if he spends that day in front of his workplace dancing naked and singing boss loves the co*k, he still gets to use that day and have it processed as a sick day.


    @General X: Précisément


    that’s the principle reason why i’m self-employed… i never have to worry about whether or not my boss will let me have a personal day, regardless of the reasons for it.