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What do you think about the new ‘in space nobody can hear you cry’ twist?

Gary Generic

Here’s a purely hypothetical question that has absolutely nothing to do with the plot: If a cylon gets a tattoo, but that body is killed, would the next reincarnation sport the same ink? If so, how? HOW!


Watched season 1, loved it.
Season 2…. not so much. Actually made me stop watching.

Haven’t been able to watch since then because i get confused. Oh well. The original series was awesome


@Gary Scenario: Considering the fact their injuries do not pass to the new bodies, I’m going to guess not.


On edge? Looks more like head on to me… 🙂

@Gary Scenario: Yeah, I’m gonna go with outofocus on that, they get entirely new bodies, so their tats will not transfer, unless each and every clone was inked beforehand…