Star War – Assualt On The Death Star

Star War - Assualt On The Death Star

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    Bloody terrorists.


    I have this poster….so that is what it is supposed to look like without creases, sun fade and scorch marks.


    and skeet marks you geek…


    I worked as a projectionist when this first came out and showed it so many times I could do changeovers by sound, didn’t need to see the marks. I still hate it with the white hot intensity of a thousand death stars.


    Alte: Ah, a fellow projectionist! Our dying breed lives on another day…

    Plenty of valid reasons to hate SW –which one’s yours? Or did the carbon-arc dust simply drive you mad?


    BTW –I’ve always liked this illustrator (IIRC he did the original Del Rey paperback cover as well) and especially this poster. I think it’s one of only a couple he did with multiple Millenium Falcons.

    Gary Generic

    Fake! (The Millenium Falcon didn’t show up until much later.)


    SumoSnipe: scorch marks?


    “a thousand death stars”?!?

    Damn!!! I’d pay to see that too!!

    BTW – the folded poster came with the double album vinyl soundtrack.


    Zane: The poster has survived moving from 3 countries, 5 states and my ex-roommate nearly takes it (and the house) out in a fire. Who would of thought using a wood stove was so complicated?


    SumoSnipe: your ex-roommate was female, right?


    . Ja, Love the smell of burning carbon and copper in the morning. 1927s Simplex Magnarc machines. Metal reels that clanked. I did the New England premier of SW so I was the first to see it when the cans came in. Impressive and I didn’t mind watching it the first 20 or so times I had to project it. After that I started prowling dark alleys late at night with my shotgun… hunting wookies. Or hookers. I forget which now.


    natedog: Marine.


    I hope JARJAR dies of aids… or sumthin equally nasty


    i am ashamed that noone has said this yet.
    ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!

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