Leaving a friend for dead is fun – on meth

Leaving a friend for dead is fun - on meth

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    I’m from Montana. These are on giant billboards. And there’s TV spots where teenage girls are selling their bodies in truckstop bathrooms:

    17 year-old girl on meth:
    “I’ll let you do anything you want to me for 50 bucks.”
    Truckers pointing at 14 year-old sister: “What about her?”
    17 year-old girl on meth:

    Not making it up.


    @Dyna-Mole: I’m actually that guy, haha, I only did it once.

    Good thing it was some bad shit though. If it was good, the high would have probably been 10 times better, and I would have liked it a lot more.


    fuck yeah abandoning bodies on meth is fun. It’s even better to leave them at the kitchen table so you can cheat during scrabble.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Dyna-Mole: Do these ads give the address for said truck-stop?


    @reboot: Mind reader!
    Sauce on truck stop address!!


    these spots are so disturbing. The weed ones are much better


    @Dyna-Mole: I had no idea there were so many hot chick’s in Montana?!


    @Kaze: Weird rule of the United States (at least as I’ve noticed in the west): The smaller the town, the higher the percentage of very attractive young women.

    I think it has to do with conservative fathers fleeing the big city to protect their daughters, then their daughters going to the city to find rich conservative husbands. Then the cycle continues.


    leaving druggies to die is fun

    almost as fun as Chinese drug laws that say to shoot drug dealers


    How close to truth are these ads?


    She was Left 4 Dead. …See what I did there?

    Luke Magnifico

    @Dyna-Mole: “Here’s your method”

    “And your meth dealer”

    “And your meth boyfriend”

    “And your meth baby

    Meth Fucking Baby

    That should a be a legal term, man.


    @nyokki: Look, if there’s no more room in the shopping cart, there’s no more room. Shiny things >> dying friend.


    Ha! Yeah, sad but true. Although, considering how incredibly hard it meth is to kick and how bad it fucks you up mentally and physically, I suppose it’s survival of the fittest. Meth is bad bad bad. And tweakers are worse. Twitchy lying stealing bastards.


    The rise of meth is loooong after I stopped trying all the new drugs.


    Gahhh. Farking meth. Did it once. sweated that shit out of my system for three days.
    Although i did do sexing for about 6 hours.

    Not worth it.


    dude, you needed meth to do sexing for 6 hours?




    Six hours? Jesus, imagine the chafing.


    On meth, I think it might be fun to take the person that came up with this ad campaign, and string em up on high tension power lines with a ground wire attached to and dangling down from various sensitive areas of their anatomy…


    lube is a wonderful thing
    we adults know of it


    @KommissarKvC: We do? ;<)


    you men you go in dry?


    @KommissarKvC: What?



    Nyokki is a woman. A sexy teacher one. You fool.



    I’m sorry, I don’t know why, but I’m finding this rather incredibly funny. This stuff is better than fiction…

    @KommissarKvC: I think you just messed up a bit back there…


    @Phyreblade: I’m ¶sure¶ I don’t know what everyone is talking about.


    @nyokki: Oh, I’m ¶sure¶…



    How much lube would it take to cover six hours? And, yeah, nyokki’s not a man. Neither am I, for that matter.


    Are you all high?

    Lol. Six hours of in out in out…. I think not.

    Sex is more than thrust thrust thrust.

    if it were just thrusting I wouldn’t have been able to stand the next day…

    wait… why am I discussing my sex life on teh internets?


    Because you are a disgusting person. Just like the rest of us.


    I prefer to think of myself as a chamring charismatic chicken farmer who was brought up knowing the goats make excellent mounts.

    When it comes to this advertisement. I love the terms used.
    Leaving a friend for dead is fun!

    COOL! I will have to try it soon!


    Chicken farmer knows goats. That sounds like a Fox News headline.


    Probably already is…