Teri Hatcher In Purple 1

Teri Hatcher In Purple 1

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    I met her @ a charity event for kids with cancer- she gives a lot!
    – her boobs were awsome at that event as well!


    They’re real and they’re spectacular! (although these days they’re plastic and they’re …meh)


    I thought she was hot back in the Seinfeld days, not so much now… kinda looking a little Skeletor-ish. Coincidence they’re on the same page?


    who she played in steinfield?


    Most women (and maybe men) start adding weight in their 40s (even if they change nothing). So, I’m seeing a lot of once beautiful women starving themselves, getting plastic surgery and working out waaaaaay too much. When they get back to a weight that looked good at 30, they end up looking skeletal. Renee Russo, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Lara Flynn Boyle and others look more skeleton than human sometimes. It’s really a shame.


    No NOM’s here.
    Never like this lady. Dunno why.


    @nyokki: #1 case in point: Madonna. she was a good-looking woman years (and years) ago, but now she just looks freakish. I agree, it is a shame. I couldn’t tell you how many women I know who have never looked better approaching 40. there’s nothing wrong with a little cushion for the pushin’. C’mon.

    I picked this little tidbit up somewhere: plastic surgery doesn’t make you look younger, it makes you look plastic.


    @ColombianMonkey: She was Real and Spectacular… 😀

    @nyokki: Yeah I noticed that too… It really is a shame. It’s like of they turn sideways, they’ll disappear.


    @ColombianMonkey: really? you don’t know?

    “They’re real and they’re spectacular!”


    im still lost…