matrix obama

matrix obama

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    He better be. Actually, it’s more than enough if he’s only one half.


    No he is “That One.”


    He was better then the alternative.


    thelotuseater725: I c what u did thar.


    Ok seriously… seriously… these were all the rage when he won but now they’re getting out hand…


    Ummm. no, no he’s not.


    Uhh.. haven’t we fucking been over this already?


    I agree. If “The One” is the lesser of two evils… he is “The One”.


    Seth_Dracovitch: No doubt…regardless of how people voted it’s being overdone. He’s just the president, it’s not the second coming

    Alec Dalek

    *yawn*…. SILENCE!


    @AlecDalek: Um, I voted for Obama, I can’t wait for him to be president, but seriously, these images get old after a while…


    AlecDalek: not a sore loser, didnt vote, didnt care


    The concern is that the expectations are getting out of hand and may, in fact, hinder his ability to do a good job. We don’t want another congress that simply says “Yea” to whatever he asks because he’s “The One”.
    All that said, he’s more than “just the president”, he’s the one we’re pinning a lot of our hopes on. If he fails, he can do much more damage than Bush ever could.


    nyokki: he is in fact just the president, Bush was just a president…whether they do a good job or not doesnt make them anything more or less…and sue he could screw up, but so could you. Thus he’s just a man, just like you or me, and not the savior all the pictures like this are making him out to be. I hope he does do a good job, I hope he excels and brings peace to the world, and fixes the economy…but unless he can eat coal and crap out diamonds or something equally impressive he’s not “The One” or any variation of, and the posters saying so have been old since before the election was over.


    Pyrokitsune: He may be just the president, but he’s not just any president. There are distinctions between individual president’s and the effect on the country and it’s people. In the most narrow definition of the word, you may be correct, but that would be missing the point.


    and *their* effect

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