Domestic Terrorist – Adult Swim

Domestic Terrorist - Adult Swim

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    I fucking love aqua teen hunger force. just for the record. and Squidbillies.


    heh… Boston is full of fail.


    I actually really liked reading about it. Basically the uninformed city council there is full of fail, while everyone else, including the BPD and bomb squads and everyone were pretty cool with it – until the press and ignorant city council got their hands wrapped around it, turning it into the traditional media circus.


    Ain’t no such thing as bad publicity. Unless you get a terror-stricken idiotic public all in a panic and then get jailed for it.


    It certainly was an embarrassment, but ask yourself: How many Police/City Council/Bomb Squad people out there do you think watch Adult Swim?

    And say what you will about the free publicity –the movie still tanked.

    Alec Dalek

    ATHF + Squidbillies FTW!

    I’d love to see Early and Shake square off, while Meatwad depresses the hell out of Rusty.

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